Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute?
We are an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit providing research and education on Georgia’s fiscal and economic outlook. We examine budget and tax policies and provide education to inspire informed debate and responsible decision-making to advance our vision of a state in which economic opportunity and well-being are shared among all. We are part of the State Priorities Partnership, a national network of organizations dedicated to providing sound state-level budget and fiscal analysis.

What are the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute areas of research?
Our work is focused on five policy areas: education, health care, safety net, budget & taxes, and jobs & the economy.

Is the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute a government agency?
No, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in 2004.

How is the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute funded?
We are funded through a myriad of sources including grants from community organizations, private foundations, corporate sponsorships and individual donations.

Is the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute affiliated with a political party?
We are not affiliated with any political party. We are an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization offering independent research and analysis.

What role does the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute play in state politics?
We partner with research institutions, nonprofits and businesses to educate policymakers, the media and concerned citizens about the impact of policy decisions and on national trends relevant to Georgia. We offer forums for community organizations to help the public become better informed about pending legislation. We educate groups around the state on the latest Georgia budget and corresponding policy issues.

How can I schedule an expert from the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute to speak to my group?
Our staff members are often featured speakers at events throughout the state. While we do not charge for speaking engagements, we appreciate any financial support to offset associated costs such as travel and lodging. Request a GBPI speaker.