Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2018 Policy Priorities

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute works to build a more inclusive economy so that everyone can participate and thrive. We believe Georgia can be a state where everyone has a chance at a decent job so they can raise a family, can go to a doctor when they get sick and attend great public schools. Our goal is to shine a light on policies that help all Georgians share in the state’s prosperity. Here are GBPI’s policy priorities for the 2018 legislative session.

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Monitor state budget negotiations, analyze the details to ensure the result is sound and fair and report findings to lawmakers and the public throughout the process.

Encourage an informed debate around fiscally responsible, fair tax reform

  • Support the creation of a state earned income tax credit, or Georgia Work Credit
  • Defeat reckless proposals that will erode the tax base needed to fund basic services or shift the cost of funding government services further onto working families

Expand access to affordable, quality early learning care

  • Increase funding for the Child Care and Parent Services program

Support resources, innovations and investments to improve K-12 education

  • Fully fund the Quality Basic Education formula, including transportation
  • Create and fund a statewide principal leadership program
  • Educate the public of the pitfalls of creating any proposed K-12 education voucher programs
  • Control costs of existing private school tax scholarships and inform efforts to create new ones

Expand access to quality, affordable health care

  • Expand the Medicaid program and closing Georgia’s coverage gap.
  • Increase state investment in substance abuse and mental health services.
  • Extend scope of practice
  • Strengthen provider capacity

Gutting Federal Health Law Imperils Ga. Families, Hospitals, State Budget

Build a strong, prosperous workforce by making college more accessible and affordable

  • Eliminate the 7-year time limit on HOPE
  • Support momentum around a need-based aid solution
  • Ensure Georgia’s higher education system has adequate state funding to deliver high-quality, innovative post-secondary education to all students

Protect the safety net to ensure any Georgian who falls on hard times can get a hand up

  • Defend against funding cuts that would undermine the ability of low-income Georgia families to access food assistance, health care and more.
  • Protect access to benefits by rejecting efforts that erect unnecessary hurdles such as work requirements, time limits and other unproven strategies that decrease access to basic human services.

Ensure Georgians born outside the U.S. have access to opportunities to contribute to our communities and economy

  • Engage in efforts that restrict access to driver’s licenses.
  • Defend against efforts that would discriminate against certain immigrants and refugees by placing a surcharge on remittances sent outside the U.S.
  • Protect the rights of local governments and others to provide places of refuge and safety