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An educated population is essential for creating jobs and making sure Georgia is a good place to raise a family and operate a business. Georgia can meet the challenge of ensuring that all kids graduate from high school prepared to compete for good jobs and ready to contribute to the state’s economic growth. It also means ensuring all qualified students affordable access to college.
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State Education Strategy Stuck in Restart Mode

Georgia has a maddening habit. State officials support education policies with real potential to improve teaching and help …

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Mediocre Pre-K Isn’t Good Enough for Georgia’s Kids

August is here and with it, a new school year begins. For four-year-olds starting Pre-K, it’s the beginning …

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GBPI 2014 Primer: Education

The $9.7 billion Georgia is investing in education in 2014 accounts for more than half of all state …

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Lawmakers are Pricing College Out of Reach

State and federal lawmakers are changing higher education financial aid programs and that makes it harder for Georgia’s …

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Georgia’s College Students Squeezed Again

It just got tougher for Georgia’s students to afford college. Last week the Board of Regents of the …

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Georgia Omits Critical Part of Common Core: Educators

Georgia is rolling out ambitious new standards for student performance in K-12, but is skimping on needed comprehensive …

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Don’t Expand Private School Scholarship Tax Credit Program Until Effectiveness is Proven

Why should Georgia divert more taxpayer money to support private school scholarships when the public has no idea …

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Student Higher Ed Costs Soar as State Funding Drops

Georgia is investing far less in higher education today than it was five years ago, according to a …

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Transparency for Private School Scholarships Improves

Senate Bill 243 (SB 243), unlike the related House Bill 140 (HB 140) introduced earlier in 2013 legislative …

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Private School Scholarships to Divert $30 Million More in Revenue

Championed as a quasi-voucher bill by its author, House Bill 140 would expand Georgia’s private school scholarship tax …

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Improved Access to HOPE Grant a Start, but Georgia’s Higher Ed Goals Call for More

Gov. Nathan Deal deserves a pat on the back for his support of state Rep. Stacey Evans’ proposal …

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Overview: Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget for PK-12

New Plan Continues $1 Billion Underfunding of QBE The overview of Georgia’s 2014 fiscal year budget for K-12 …

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