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Building Georgia’s economy, cultivating good jobs and strengthening our workforce can ensure opportunity is broadly shared among all Georgians. Expanded job training opportunities, a higher minimum wage, new pro-work tax credits and more investment in transportation and other building blocks of growth are proven ways to attract and retain high-wage industries and jobs. Ensuring the benefits of growth are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds can help build a more inclusive economy that maximizes Georgia’s ability to compete.
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Georgia Workers Deserve an Economy That Works for Them

Like many Georgians I grew up in a family hanging on tightly to the middle rungs of the …

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Keep Working Families Top of Mind for Georgia’s Future

A worker who earned $32,000 to $58,000 a year when the recession hit in 2007 was much more …

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Price to Get Top Business Climate Rank Could be Economic Inequality

When states like Georgia rate well as places to do business, the same factors used in those rankings …

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Georgia’s Middle Class Workers Left Out of Recovery

Industries in Georgia that pay a middle-class wage fell furthest during the Great Recession but are faring the …

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Bad Times for Good Jobs

Georgia’s Shrinking Middle Class Opportunity A good-paying job is the cornerstone of a secure middle-class life, but Georgia’s …

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Menu of Revenue Options to Pave Way for Georgia’s Rebound

Low Revenues Keeping Georgia on a Path to Mediocrity, 2014 Update Georgia is one of the lowest-taxed states …

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Income Taxes Aren’t Driving Georgians to Change States

Georgia’s tax rates do not cause residents to pull up stakes and leave for nearby states with lower …

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New Brief: Slow-Growth Stalls Georgia Economy

Georgia continues to face serious economic challenges more than four years since the start of the national recovery, …

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Georgia Still Climbing Out of Deep Economic Hole

State of Working Georgia:  Spring Update, 2014 Georgia continues to face serious economic challenges more than four years …

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Tax Resolution is Troubling and Unnecessary

The tax committee in Georgia’s House of Representatives is set to consider a recommendation to change the state’s …

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Purpose Vs Short-Term Profit: CVS’ Lesson for Georgia

Since the Great Recession, the public has given extra scrutiny to business interests and recognized that, left to …

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Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year Budget for Business Subsidies

State Support for Private Sector Remains High Georgia plans to spend about $683 million on various tax breaks …

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