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Building Georgia’s economy, cultivating good jobs and strengthening our workforce can ensure opportunity is broadly shared among all Georgians. Expanded job training opportunities, a higher minimum wage, new pro-work tax credits and more investment in transportation and other building blocks of growth are proven ways to attract and retain high-wage industries and jobs. Ensuring the benefits of growth are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds can help build a more inclusive economy that maximizes Georgia’s ability to compete.
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High Unemployment Among Georgia’s Many Workforce Challenges

As we move closer toward another legislative session and heated election season, Georgia’s economy is sure to become …

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GBPI’s Annual Guide to How the Economy Affects Working Georgians

Most Georgia families still struggle to emerge from the long shadow of the Great Recession. Unemployment remains high, …

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State of Working Georgia 2013

Georgians Struggle to Emerge from Shadow of Great Recession Georgia is still sputtering in the shadow of the …

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Tax Foundation Report is a Poor Guide for Tax Policy

Each year, the right-leaning Tax Foundation stirs up a slew of short-lived publicity by giving Georgia a mediocre …

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Promises of Economic Growth Through Tax Cuts are Empty

Those pushing for the type of radical tax plans described in our new report say that deep income …

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Georgia’s Economy Continues Slow Climb – Warning Signs Abound

Georgia’s economy continues to add jobs at a slightly better pace than other states, though it is still …

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Georgia Making Progress, Still a Steep Hill to Climb

Georgia’s economy is adding jobs at a strong pace compared to other states, according to the most recent …

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“Invest Georgia” Has Merit, Cannot Take Priority Over Other Needs

Two bills under consideration by the General Assembly would create an ambitious new economic development program, “Invest Georgia.” …

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“Georgia Renaissance Act” is Well-Intentioned, but Costly | Bill Analysis: House Bill 128

Dubbed the Georgia Renaissance Act, House Bill 128 would create $30 million worth of new tax credits aimed …

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Overview: Georgia’s Fiscal 2014 Economic Development

State Raises Commitment to Economic Development, Shifts Money Around The overview of Georgia’s 2014 fiscal year budget for …

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Georgia Still Adding Jobs, though Public Sector Lagging Behind

Though still not firing on all cylinders, Georgia’s economy continues to add jobs at a comparatively strong pace, …

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Georgia’s Job Recovery Picking Up Steam, But Not Fast Enough for Struggling Families

Though still not firing on all cylinders, Georgia’s economy has created jobs at a comparatively strong pace over …

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