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Building Georgia’s economy, cultivating good jobs and strengthening our workforce can ensure opportunity is broadly shared among all Georgians. Expanded job training opportunities, a higher minimum wage, new pro-work tax credits and more investment in transportation and other building blocks of growth are proven ways to attract and retain high-wage industries and jobs. Ensuring the benefits of growth are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds can help build a more inclusive economy that maximizes Georgia’s ability to compete.
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Georgia Still Recovering in Fits and Starts

Georgia continues to gradually recover jobs lost during the Great Recession, according to recently released data from the …

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Jobs Recovery Picking Up Steam, Though Troubling Signs Remain

A look at job growth in Georgia finds the last few months have been the strongest stretch of …

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HB 718: Well-intentioned, well-designed, and must be paid for

Earlier this month, GBPI released a report evaluating a tax credit proposal called CAPCO that nearly passed the …

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CAPCO: A Bad Investment for Georgia

Many Georgia policymakers and business leaders contend the state has a shortage of venture capital, a form of …

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