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Georgians experiencing financial hardships deserve strong safety net programs to help improve their economic outcomes. Currently, those seeking to access these programs and move up the economic ladder—especially for communities of color—face too many barriers. Targeted state policies can help families keep food on the table and a roof overhead during tough times, or help parents get access to reliable child care so they can work.
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Georgians with Disabilities Miss Out on $92 Million in Federal Grants

As the number of Georgians with disabilities grew over the last four years, funding that could have helped …

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Faulty Premise Leads to “Work Requirements” in Bill that Cuts $39 Billion from Food Stamps

The U.S. House passed a bill last week to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP,” commonly called …

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New U.S. Census Report: Georgia’s Child Poverty Ranking Worsens

Georgia joined the ranks of the ten worst states with the highest percentage of children living in poverty …

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Georgia’s September Bill is Due, but Unemployed Georgians Stuck with Most of the Tab

Georgia has to pay its monthly bills, just like the people who call the state home. This month, …

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Hunger a Struggle for More than One in Six Georgia Households Last Year

People in more than one in six Georgia households endured serious problems affording adequate nutritious food at some …

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About 168,000 Struggling Georgians at Risk as U.S. House Pushes Food Stamp Cuts

When the U.S. House returns from its recess in a few weeks, representatives are expected to consider a …

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GBPI 2014 Primer: Human Services

Georgia’s spending to help children, the poor and seniors is overseen by the state Department of Human Services, …

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Unemployment Benefits Will Run Out Faster for Georgians Laid Off After July 1

Georgians who lose their jobs after July 1 can expect one less week in unemployment insurance benefits – …

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New Report Finds More than Half of Georgia’s Seniors Struggle Economically

Proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare would do more harm in Georgia than most other states. Nearly …

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Georgia Shouldn’t Shift Aid to Families to Nonprofits

To expand Georgia’s economy, the state should reassess the way it allocates resources. For the last few years, …

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State Budget Leaves Needs of Many Unmet

The Georgia Legislature approved a 2014 budget March 28 for the Department of Human Services that is an …

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GSU Study Conclusion is Flawed

A new study that casts vital family supports in a bad light relies on far-fetched assumptions about the …

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