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Georgians experiencing financial hardships deserve strong safety net programs to help improve their economic outcomes. Currently, those seeking to access these programs and move up the economic ladder—especially for communities of color—face too many barriers. Targeted state policies can help families keep food on the table and a roof overhead during tough times, or help parents get access to reliable child care so they can work.
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Georgia’s Reaction to Reports of Welfare Waste Poses Administrative Nightmare

This week the General Assembly began considering House Bill 138 (HB 138), legislation designed to discourage the misuse …

Homeless (1) Budget and Taxes

Overview: Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Human Services

State Spending Cuts Borne Most Heavily by Most Vulnerable The governor’s budget proposals for the next 17 months …

How Student Debt Worsens Racial Inequality cover Safety Net

State of Working Georgia 2012

The State of Working Georgia brings together a wide range of data on jobs, incomes, poverty, health insurance, …

Baby-696x465 Clare S. Richie

The 5th poorest state needs to step up

Posted by Clare S. Richie Nearly one in five Georgians — and one out of four children — …

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Georgia’s Abuse of TANF Provision Gets Congressional Attention

Posted by Clare S. Richie Georgia recently attracted the attention of Congress because of its abuse of a …

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Georgians Pick up the Tab for Corporate Tax Breaks – Again!

Posted by Clare S. Richie For the second year in a row, Georgia will waste more than $20 …

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Georgia TANF Funds Sink to New Low

Despite the drop in federal TANF funds, Georgia policymakers continue to use federal TANF funds to replace state …

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Welcome Back to ’92, Working Georgians

Posted by Wesley Tharpe The year was 1992. An exciting Braves squad was playing toward its second World …

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Reality Check: Optimism in the Midst of Stark Realities

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, some may travel great distances to spend time with family and …

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Georgia at a Crossroads: Keep Sliding Backwards with Status Quo or Move Forward with Balanced Approach

GBPI’s new report, State of Working Georgia 2011, paints a troubling picture of how everyday Georgians are faring …

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State of Working Georgia 2011

State of Working Georgia uses data on wages, jobs, unemployment and poverty to closely examine the effect of …

Mom-Daughter Budget and Taxes

Georgia’s Decreasing TANF Funds: An Overview of the FY 2012 Allocation of TANF Funds in Georgia

Georgia has less available federal and state Maintenance of Effort (MOE) funds for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families …

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