Protect the Safety Net


Georgians experiencing financial hardships deserve strong safety net programs to help improve their economic outcomes. Currently, those seeking to access these programs and move up the economic ladder—especially for communities of color—face too many barriers. Targeted state policies can help families keep food on the table and a roof overhead during tough times, or help parents get access to reliable child care so they can work.
Playground-Children (1) Budget and Taxes

State Directs Majority of TANF Funds to Child Welfare Despite Rise in TANF Recipients for FY 2011

Georgia has 13.7% cumulatively less TANF funds than it had to use for families struggling to make ends …

Holding-Child (1) Budget and Taxes

State Budget Slashes Services for Children, Poor, and the Elderly

Responding to Georgia’s low projected revenues for this upcoming fiscal year, Georgia legislators and the governor agreed to …

Homeless (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the House’s FY 2011 Budget Proposal for the Dept. of Human Services

The House of Reps’ FY 2011 budget proposal cuts the Department of Human Services budget by an additional …

Embrace (1) Budget and Taxes

Highlights of the Governor’s FY 2011 Department of Human Services Budget Proposals

The Department of Human Services is facing a wide variety of budget cuts in the FY 2011 budget …

Strategies Georgia Can Use to Reduce Rising Poverty

Every day, Georgians work hard to support their families. More than 300,000 working families are low income and …

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