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Your lawmakers in Congress have the opportunity to improve the lives of Georgians. They face opportunties to improve access to health care, child care and higher education. They can increase the availability of jobs that pay a living wage. And they can cut child poverty in half. Georgians need their lawmakers to make decisions that will help them recover and thrive from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawmakers should approve the provisions proposed in both the American Families Plan and the American Jobs Plan in order to help our communities move forward. These plans call on Congress to take critical actions such as:

  • Closing the Medicaid coverage gap for the 270,000 Georgians who make too much to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to afford insurance otherwise;
  • Increasing access to fulfilling jobs and job training by subsidizing jobs, updating our outdated Unemployment Insurance system, making two years of community college free and increasing the maximum value of Pell Grants for students; and
  • Investing in the future of our communities by rebalancing the tax code to fund these measures. The proposals urge Congress to close loopholes more fairly tax corporations and those who make over a million dollars a year on investments.

While these provisions are strong, there are additional measures lawmakers should support to maximize the benefits to Georgia families and communities. For example, federal lawmakers should:

  • Ensure any changes to Unemployment Insurance take into account racial inequities in the labor market;
  • Further incentivize states like Georgia to fully expand Medicaid;
  • Allow for additional housing vouchers so more Georgians can afford a place to live;
  • Raise the minimum wage to a living wage; and
  • Ensure policies are immigrant inclusive.

The time is now to create a strong program that will put Georgia communities on a path of equitable recovery, and lawmakers must act now. You can do your part by writing your lawmakers and telling them how some of these provisions would aid you, your family or your community in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Write your lawmakers today.

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