Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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he Georgia Budget and Policy Institute is working to build a more inclusive economy so that everyone can participate and thrive. We believe Georgia can be a state where everyone has a chance at a decent job so they can raise a family, can go to a doctor when they get sick and attend great public schools. We offer thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions to improve the state’s budget, taxes and public policies. We are working to help Georgians reach their full potential.

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Graham-Cassidy Bill Risks Health Coverage and Pre-Existing Condition Protections for...

The U.S. Senate plans to vote next week on yet another proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA)....

Updated: Proposed Medicaid Cuts Threaten Georgia’s Most Vulnerable Students

More than 118,000 students in Georgia cope with disabilities. Some are students with visual or hearing impairments while others have autism...

Georgia Takes Steps to Strengthen the Health Care Workforce

Georgia lawmakers are scheduled to meet Monday to study barriers that block Georgians’ access to adequate health care. The committee is...

Mission Moment

GBPI moved the dialogue forward on immigration in Georgia through timely research and building advocacy partnerships. Latin American Association Director of Advocacy David Schaefer explains how GBPI research has opened up new avenues for his work. Read more.

The Georgia Women’s Policy Institute leverages GBPI analysis and data to advocate for the betterment of Georgia families across the state. Policy Fellow Michelle Schreiner describes how she and other fellows became a dynamo for change when empowered with rock-solid facts. Read more.

Kate Little has supported GBPI from the beginning to inform state policymaking. With support from Kate and other donors, GBPI is able to better inform and educate Georgia’s elected officials to help them make the best decisions to help Georgians reach their full potential. Read more.

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