Thursday, April 27, 2017

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he Georgia Budget and Policy Institute is working to build a more inclusive economy so that everyone can participate and thrive. We believe Georgia can be a state where everyone has a chance at a decent job so they can raise a family, can go to a doctor when they get sick and attend great public schools. We offer thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions to improve the state’s budget, taxes and public policies. We are working to help Georgians reach their full potential.

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Tax Day Twitter: Making the Case for a Strong Economy...

Tax Day arrives every April, annually stirring a conversation about the benefits of taxes and their influence on the state economy. GBPI's...

Medicaid Works for Georgia

Medicaid and PeachCare provide almost 2 million Georgians with access to health care, including 1.3 million children. About two thirds of...

College Students Squeezed as State Shrinks its Share of School...

Georgia’s university system Board of Regents is set to meet this month to decide on tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year....



Georgia Budget Primer 2017

Where does the money for Georgia’s $23.7 billion budget come from this year? How has the new transportation funding package affected state revenue? Is Georgia finally funding K-12 education at the level called for in its own formula?

GBPI’s “Georgia Budget Primer 2017” answers these questions and more in 44 pages that provide clear explanations of the state’s revenue collections and spending plan. The guide breaks down complex topics and serves as an authoritative reference during the 12-month fiscal year that started July 1, 2016. Learn more about the state budget.

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