Director of Legislative Strategy and Senior Fiscal Analyst

Danny Kanso

Danny is the Director of Legislative Strategy and Senior Fiscal Analyst at GBPI. Danny leads GBPI’s fiscal policy research and advocates for a state budget and tax system that is equitable, transparent and promotes the well-being of all Georgians. Following his education at the University of Georgia, where he earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees, Danny served as director of communications and policy advisor to the Office of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. During his time under the Gold Dome, he worked to advance a wide range of legislative issues and initiatives. Danny is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia and an active member of his community.

Recent Posts by Danny

Georgia House, Senate leaders take aim at data center, film tax breaks

After a year of study, Georgia House and Senate leaders announced Wednesday that they’d back suspending a tax ...
Capitol top 2021 Budget and Taxes

Overview of Georgia’s 2025 Fiscal Year Budget

Introduction Over the last three years, Georgia has generated record budget surpluses. These surpluses have resulted in the ...
Shutterstock_1714689985 Budget and Taxes

Advancing Transparency and Accountability in Georgia’s Tax Code: Key Recommendations for Informed Fiscal Oversight

    Transparency in the state tax code impacts Georgians and allows state policymakers to understand where taxpayer ...
surplus framing report cover Budget and Taxes

Georgia’s $16 Billion Question: Will the State Equitably Invest in Its People?

    Executive Summary Georgians deserve a state government that meets its obligations fully. Through a deliberative appropriations ...
Budget Trends Budget and Taxes

Georgia Budget Trends Primer for State Fiscal Year 2024

Budget Trends The $32.4 billion state budget signed into law by Gov. Kemp for fiscal year (FY) 2024, ...
Revenue Budget and Taxes

Georgia Revenue Primer for State Fiscal Year 2024

Introduction Georgia’s 2024 fiscal year (FY) runs from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024. The total available ...
gov kemp budget overview Budget and Taxes

Gov. Kemp Sets New Precedent: $242 Million in Non-Binding Budget Disregards, $13.1 Million in Line-Item Vetoes

With Gov. Brian P. Kemp’s signature, Georgia’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 budget became law ahead of the state’s ...
Capitol top 2021 Budget and Taxes

Overview of Georgia’s 2024 Fiscal Year Budget

Introduction After two consecutive years of record budget surpluses—generated in part by persistent austerity—Gov. Brian P. Kemp’s proposed ...
revenue blog post featured image Blog

With Record Surplus, Georgia Stands at a Crossroads Ahead of Pivotal Budget Session

Last month, Georgia’s Department of Revenue released its report of unaudited tax collections for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, ...
Couple looking down at calculator and writing notes Bill Analysis

New Tax Plan Risks State’s Long-Term Fiscal Health, Worsens Income and Racial Inequities

    House Bill 1437, signed into law by Gov. Kemp after a final version emerged during the ...
Sine Die cover Blog

General Assembly Considers Rewrite of State Income Tax Code, House-Passed Bill Primarily Benefits Wealthiest

Key Takeaways Members of the House and Senate are debating a series of major changes to Georgia’s personal ...
tax threat featured image Blog

Letter Asking Lawmakers to Reject Risky Flat Tax

At a time when leading Georgia lawmakers have the option to better fund core services that promote economic ...

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