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The State of Georgia’s Healthcare System: References, Methods and Sources

Methodology Figure 1: GBPI analysis of Department of Health and Human Services’ data on state and county estimates ...
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Barriers to Bridges: County Fact Sheets

Local communities throughout the state of Georgia are better off when families have affordable child care that meets ...
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Advancing Transparency and Accountability in Georgia’s Tax Code: Key Recommendations for Informed Fiscal Oversight

    Transparency in the state tax code impacts Georgians and allows state policymakers to understand where taxpayer ...
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Money Matters: Comparing the Costs of Full Medicaid Expansion to the Pathways to Coverage Program

    Updated February 22, 2023: In the October 2020 Pathways to Coverage approval letter, it was estimated ...
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Keeping Georgians Covered: Tools for Minimizing the Harm of the Medicaid Unwinding

    Updated February 1, 2023: On December 29, 2022, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 was signed ...
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Getting the Green Light for Health Care: An Update on Efforts to Get More Georgians Covered

    Updated January 10, 2023: In August 2022, a federal judge in Georgia cleared the way for ...
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The Need for Need-Based Aid

Georgia is one of only two states that lack broad need-based financial aid. 75 percent of Georgians support ...
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Fact Sheet: Georgia’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Family’s Benefit Has Not Increased in More Than 30 Years and Fails to Meet the Growing Cost of Basic Needs

      Georgia’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Family’s (TANF) benefit has not increased in more than 30 ...
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Fact Sheet: Sports Betting

    Co-authored by Danny Kanso, Senior Policy Analyst for Budget & Taxes As of January 2022, 31 ...
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Fact Sheet: Breaking Down the Federal Recovery Proposal

    Several policies included in ongoing federal recovery discussions have the power to rebalance our tax code, ...
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Billions of Dollars Behind: District Facts Sheets Show Georgia Schools are Far from “Full Funding”

Over the last twenty years of public school funding in Georgia, the General Assembly has underfunded grants and ...
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Georgia Can Leverage $4.9 Billion in American Rescue Plan Funds to Jumpstart Recovery

    Georgia will receive $4.9 billion in federal emergency relief and infrastructure funding as part of the ...

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