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What Are School Vouchers?

Vouchers Overview Georgia legislators have debated educational vouchers since the 1950s.[1] A school voucher is an amount of …

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Repeal Georgia’s Cap on Kids

In order for every child to thrive, they must grow up in a healthy and financially stable home. …

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Five-Year Waiting Period Is a Barrier to Immigrant Health Care Access

Before 2017, the national uninsured rate for children declined for nearly 10 years; however, the share of uninsured …

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Teachers Retirement System of Georgia Explained

State lawmakers introduced several bills in the 2019 legislative session that could significantly alter the Teachers Retirement System …

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Get Answers About HOPE Scholarships and Grants

HOPE At-a-Glance provides a quick and simple reference of the state’s six lottery-funded HOPE programs. HOPE provides grants …

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Introducing PROSPER Georgia

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Quick Facts: Low Wages and Steep Cliffs

What is the Cliff Effect? The cliff effect occurs when an individual abruptly loses their assistance as a …

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Georgia Lawmakers can Maximize Lottery Effectiveness

The Georgia Lottery is intended to support a more educated Georgia where everyone gets a good early start …

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Medicaid Expansion and Waivers: Two Possible Paths to Extending Health Coverage

Governor Brian Kemp is pursuing legislation that would allow the state to submit two types of waivers aimed …

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Food Stamp Requirements and Time Limits (ABAWDS)

Food Stamp Work Requirements and Time Limits (ABAWDS)   Who is subject to requirement? Regular Work Program Requirement …

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Medicaid Waiver Principles for Georgia’s Health Crisis

The Medicaid program is a state-federal partnership in which states contribute and receive federal matching dollars to provide …

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Georgia’s Lottery: ‘Reserving’ a Big Prize for Education

This year marks the Georgia Lottery’s 25th anniversary and the two main educational programs it supports: public Pre-Kindergarten …

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