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School-Bus-Stop-696x464 Claire Suggs

School Districts Stuck with Higher Busing Costs in Proposed Formula

Rural school districts and others with high student transportation costs stand to lose financially under the funding formula …

Student-Studying-Language-696x522 Claire Suggs

Proposed K-12 Funding Formula Pulls Rug Out from Low-Income Students

More funding directed to economically-disadvantaged students helps them do better in school and in life. Gov. Nathan Deal’s …

Classroom-Elementary-696x380 Claire Suggs

Fact Sheet: Proposed School Funding Formula Will Fall Behind Costs

State spending on Georgia’s public school students will fall behind rising costs if the General Assembly approves the …

Workers-on-Roof Budget and Taxes

Georgia Work Credit an Ambitious Yet Affordable Investment

Updated Dec. 2016 Georgia is missing out on a time-tested tool that helps hardworking families, boosts small businesses …

Mechanic-696x465 Author

Better Pay for Honest Work Brief

Download our latest brief on the state minimum wage and expanding Georgia’s middle class. In two pages, this document outlines …

Hospital-Room (1) Author

Health Plan Financial Challenges Remain if State Ends Coverage for Part-Time School Workers and Their Dependents

Georgia’s governor proposes in the 2016 fiscal year to eliminate State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) coverage for bus …

Wallet-Pocket-696x464 Author

Tax Facts: Georgia Gives Up Billions through the Tax Code

Georgia foregoes billions of dollars in state revenue each year through dozens of credits, deductions and other special …

ER_Rural_Hospital Author

Medicaid Expansion a Shot in the Arm for Coastal Georgia

About 50,000 uninsured Georgians in the 10-county Coastal Georgia region could get guaranteed health coverage if Georgia accepts …

Dollar-Bill-Back (1) Author

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2014 Session Recap

Tax Measures Further Whittle Away Revenues Revised May 28, 2014 A collection of tax measures that will drain …

CollegeStudents-696x466 Author

HOPE Scholars Pick Up Increasing Share of College Costs

Students from low- or moderate-income families must clear ever-higher financial hurdles to complete a postsecondary program in Georgia. …

Doctor-Exam (1) Author

Medicaid Expansion Could Cover at Least Half of Working Age Adults in Most Georgia Counties

If you are an uninsured person who lives in Bibb County and earns less than $16,100, or are …

Classroom-Elementary (1) Author

Sales Tax Flexibility Not Enough to Solve Georgia’s School Funding Crisis

Bill Analysis: House Resolution 1109 and House Bill 802 The General Assembly is considering putting a constitutional amendment …

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