Guest Column: Gen Z Among the Groups to Experience Massive Loss of Healthcare Coverage

Thanks to a pandemic-era federal policy, all states, including Georgia, have suspended annual renewals since early 2020 and kept their Medicaid-eligible population enrolled in coverage. The end of this Medicaid continuous enrollment is known as the ‘Medicaid unwinding’. Starting in April, Georgia has 14 months to re-determine the eligibility of all 2.7 million children and adults who, like me, are enrolled in our health care safety net.

This unwinding will be an unprecedented health care event in our state—placing pressure on our state agencies and our health care system and jeopardizing the health and financial security of Georgians with lower incomes. It is estimated that about 545,000 Georgians will lose coverage—either because they are no longer eligible or because of a potentially avoidable procedural reason, like the form is sent to the wrong address. The burden of this health care coverage loss will fall heaviest on children, young adults, and communities of color.

Read the full column in the Bryan County News.

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