Pro-Worker Credits in Jeopardy this Labor Day

Posted September 3, 2015 by Wesley Tharpe
The U.S. Congress made Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894 to honor the contributions workers make every day to our nation’s strength, prosperity and well-being. But in 2015, on a day when we will celebrate the value of work, it’s distressing that two of our nation’s best policy tools… [Read more]

Pending TANF Changes Could Send Georgia Budget Writers Scrambling

Posted August 21, 2015 by Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson   Pending changes to a federal work-development and safety-net program that relies on state contributions could create a shortfall of tens of millions of dollars Georgia budget writers will need to fill somehow. Congress returns to Washington in a few weeks following its August recess and one of… [Read more]

A Time-Tested Tax Tool to Grow Georgia’s Middle Class

Posted August 12, 2015 by Wesley Tharpe
Too many Georgians today work hard and play by the rules but fail to get ahead. Incomes are down, wages are flat and expenses are rising for low- and moderate-income families statewide. For them, state and local taxes are more than just the nuisance payment they represent to higher earners.… [Read more]

Educating Adults Critical to Georgia’s Success

Posted August 6, 2015 by Melissa Johnson
School is starting this week for many Georgia children but education ended much too soon for many of the state’s adults.  Nearly 866,000 Georgians from 18 to 64 are without a high school diploma or GED.  Georgia is home to the ninth highest share of adults in this age range… [Read more]

Time to Retire Georgia’s Sales Tax Holidays

Posted July 30, 2015 by Wesley Tharpe
This weekend marks the return of that semi-annual Georgia tradition, the two-day sales tax holiday, this one for back-to-school supplies. But when state legislators return to work in January 2016, they can seize the chance to bring the misguided tradition to an end. Experts from across the ideological spectrum agree… [Read more]

Medicaid Turns 50: Half a Century of Providing Health Care to Georgians

Posted July 24, 2015 by
By Ann Hedges This month, Medicaid turns 50. President Lyndon Johnson signed the landmark legislation into law July 30, 1965. Since its inception, Medicaid has provided health coverage to some of Georgia’s most vulnerable residents. Low-income seniors and people with disabilities get stable access to health care services through the… [Read more]
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Teacher Compensation a Contentious Issue for Education Reform Commission

Posted July 15, 2015 by Claire Suggs
Education funding is often a contentious topic, and so it is for the governor’s Education Reform Commission as a key subcommittee reconvenes this week for its July 16 meeting. Commission members disagree whether a new formula for funding public schools should be based on an assessment of cost, as I… [Read more]

School District Employees Deserve Break from Rising Insurance Premiums

Posted July 10, 2015 by Timothy Sweeney
Just before the close of the 2015 fiscal year at the end of June, the state released a 24-page report examining the costs of Georgia’s State Health Benefit Plan. That is the health insurance plan for state employees, teachers, and other school district employees. The report is a requirement built… [Read more]

Cost up for Discussion as Education Reform Commission Resumes July 16

Posted June 26, 2015 by Claire Suggs
Gov. Nathan Deal’s Education Reform Commission recently shifted course to wrestle with a fundamental question: what does it cost to educate Georgia’s K-12 students? The commission’s chair, Charles Knapp, initially expressed skepticism about the usefulness of answering this question, noting earlier efforts to redesign the state’s public schools funding formula… [Read more]

Supreme Court Ruling Frees Georgia to Turn Attention to Closing Coverage Gap

Posted June 25, 2015 by Timothy Sweeney
Today the U.S. Supreme Court again upheld a key component of the Affordable Care Act against a politically-driven effort to dismantle the law through the court system. The ruling issued in King v. Burwell protects tax credits in states such as Georgia that chose to use the federal marketplace… [Read more]