New GBPI Budget Primer Previews 2017 as State Closes Out 2016

Posted July 22, 2016 by Taifa Smith Butler
State tax collection rose 9.4 percent in the just-ended 2016 fiscal year, or nearly $1.8 billion more than the prior year. About $744 million of that is from a new revenue system that kicked in last July to pay for long deferred road and bridge maintenance. Georgia’s governor announced those… [Read more]

Georgia Families Need State to Support New Child Care Plan

Posted July 14, 2016 by Melissa Johnson
Georgia’s new and improved plan to expand access to quality child care for families earning low incomes took effect in June. The state’s 2017 budget for the fiscal year that starts this month, however, is $103 million short of what’s needed to implement the plan according to a new GBPI [Read more]

Refugees Help Make Georgia a Better Place

Posted July 8, 2016 by Wesley Tharpe
Over the past year or so, Georgians have grown increasingly aware of the challenges faced by refugees resettling in the state. A new report provides a wealth of information on how refugees in the U.S. fare over time and how they affect our local communities.

Charlton Ranks Among Georgia Counties With Dire Health Provider Shortages

Posted July 1, 2016 by Laura Harker
Nearly two-thirds of Georgia’s counties fall below the statewide average number of nurses, physician assistants, total doctors and primary care doctors per 100,000 residents. In many rural counties, shortages reflect financial ills in local health care systems, even hospital closures. Community health care cornerstones like Charlton Memorial Hospital closed across… [Read more]

Time to Remedy Georgia’s Health Care Provider Shortages

Posted June 30, 2016 by Taifa Smith Butler
As published in the AJC June 26, 2016 Georgia needs a health care system that is sustainable. The state needs to focus on promising solutions to its health care crisis and not waste time gazing in the rear view mirror at missed opportunities. When a hospital closes, as one in… [Read more]

Better Investments Needed to Close Georgia’s Child Hunger Gap

Posted June 24, 2016 by Jennifer Owens
When the final bells ring and students pour out of schools for the summer, some set their sights on beach trips, lazy days playing in backyard sprinklers and summer camps with friends. But for hundreds of thousands of Georgia schoolchildren, figuring out where their next meal will come from is… [Read more]

Several remedies show promise for Georgia’s health care provider shortage

Posted June 16, 2016 by Laura Harker
Ellijay’s North Georgia Medical Center closed last week, the state’s latest rural hospital to shutter. /GBPI staff photo. Last week, the North Georgia Medical Center in Ellijay, Georgia closed and left yet another county with a shortage of hospital beds.  In light of this and other recent hospital closures, a… [Read more]

Aiming for Average in Education Spending

Posted June 14, 2016 by Claire Suggs
Georgia ranks 38th among states for public school spending. Spending per student in Georgia is $1,807 less than the national average, according to new census data. Factor in geographic cost differences and that disparity rises to $2,553. Gov. Nathan Deal’s Education Reform Commission could have outlined a plan… [Read more]

State Revenue Gain Offers Possibilities

Posted June 10, 2016 by Taifa Smith Butler
As we near the close of the 2016 fiscal year, we can breathe a sigh of relief. The bad days of the Great Recession are distant in the rear view mirror as revenue growth remained strong all year long.  Georgia collected 9.9 percent more through the first 11 months of… [Read more]

New Overtime Rules a Win for Georgia’s Middle Class

Posted May 20, 2016 by Wesley Tharpe
As many as half a million Georgia workers stand to gain from a long-overdue update to the nation’s system for overtime pay announced by the U.S. Department of Labor this week. The new benchmark nearly doubles the annual pay salaried workers can earn and still be eligible for overtime pay,… [Read more]