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Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2014 Session Recap

April 11, 2014

Tax Measures Further Whittle Away Revenues
A collection of tax measures that could drain up to $286 million from Georgia’s state treasury and $207 million from its local governments over the next five years gained the approval of the General Assembly this year. Although not as large as some past… [Read more]

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: Crossover Day 2014

March 12, 2014

Grab-bag of Tax Measures on the Table
A slew of bills with revenue implications for Georgia’s state and local governments are in the hands of state senators, after House members passed them before Crossover Day, March 3, 2014. The House passed nine relevant tax bills before the day when legislation… [Read more]

Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year Budget for Higher Education

January 29, 2014

Funding Inches Up, Gaps Persist
Georgia’s proposed $1.94 billion budget for higher education in the 2015 fiscal year adds some much needed money for several key initiatives compared to the prior year. However most of the increase just keeps pace with growth and rising health care and retirement costs. This… [Read more]

Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year Budget for Business Subsidies

January 24, 2014

State Support for Private Sector Remains High
Georgia plans to spend about $683 million on various tax breaks and economic development programs to subsidize private businesses in the upcoming 2015 fiscal year. This high level of support for Georgia’s private sector is an annual recurrence. Each year, state lawmakers spend… [Read more]

Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year for Medicaid and PeachCare

January 22, 2014

The governor’s budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year adds a net increase of $143 million more than 2014 in new state money for Georgia’s Medicaid and PeachCare programs, which are administered by the Department of Community Health. The state plans to spend $2.9 billion to pay for health care… [Read more]

Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year Budget for Lottery-Funded Programs

January 22, 2014

Funding for Pre-Kindergarten and HOPE Falls Short of Students’ Needs
The governor’s proposed $948 million budget for the state’s lottery-funded programs in the 2015 fiscal year falls short of what is needed to provide Georgians broad access to pre-kindergarten and higher education programs. Georgia’s 20-year-old system that uses lottery proceeds… [Read more]

Overview: Georgia’s 2015 Fiscal Year Human Services Budget

January 21, 2014

Strategic Additions Made to DHS Budget; Service Cuts Since Recession Retained
The governor’s $516.1 million budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year makes strategic additions to help protect Georgia’s children and adults, but falls far short of restoring funds to pre-recession levels. The state’s spending plan makes it somewhat easier… [Read more]

Overview of Georgia’s 2015 Fiscal Year Budget

January 21, 2014

The $20.8 billion budget proposed for Georgia’s 2015 fiscal year projects general fund revenue growth of 4.3 percent, or $807 million more than the recently revised 2014 revenue estimate.  State revenues are back to pre-recession levels, but the proposed budget still incorporates in its base several billion dollars in program… [Read more]

Recovery or Bust: Georgia’s Poor Left Behind

December 17, 2013

More Georgians are living on the desperate side of the federal poverty line than at any time in the state’s recent history. At the same time, pathways to exit poverty are increasingly blocked as the state failed to make strategic investments when needed.  America’s Great Recession – the country’s deepest… [Read more]

Cutting Class to Make Ends Meet

November 6, 2013

Georgia’s public schools are at a tipping point. School districts are coping with state funding cuts in recent years by shrinking the school calendar, increasing class sizes and furloughing teachers. A new survey of school districts by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) finds school systems throughout the state… [Read more]