Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: Final 2015 Tax Recap

May 20, 2015

Governor Approves Big Transportation Package, Slew of Smaller Bills
Gov. Nathan Deal approved several pieces of legislation that affect Georgia’s ability to meet its needs like roads and schools in future years.  Georgia’s House and Senate passed 11 different tax bills this year, and the governor approved 10 of them.… [Read more]

Child Care Assistance: Georgia’s Opportunity to Bolster Working Families, Economy

March 23, 2015

Georgia is now turning away people who apply for child care financial assistance through a state program designed to help low-income families due to worries the program itself could run short of money.  Georgia’s Department of Early Care and Learning said last Friday budget concerns are causing it to make… [Read more]

How to fix flawed “New Markets” Bill

March 19, 2015

The Georgia Senate is now considering House Bill 439, legislation supporters claim will help small businesses in low-income urban and rural areas. But the proposal is poorly designed and is unlikely to help Georgia businesses or the state’s economy. It creates an overly complex investment scheme that delivers tax credits… [Read more]

Opportunity School District Needs Transparency, Community Role

March 13, 2015

A new legislative proposal to create a statewide “Opportunity School District” aims to boost student achievement at Georgia’s most challenged schools. Close scrutiny of the measure is warranted before its proposed drastic and permanent remedies are passed into law. Georgia Senate Bill 133 sets out the parameters of Gov. Nathan… [Read more]

House Transportation Package Takes Promising Turn

March 13, 2015

House Bill 170 includes a number of provisions designed to generate additional revenues for improving Georgia’s gridlocked transportation system. The package that passed the Georgia House of Representatives on March 5, 2015 reforms Georgia’s gas tax, alters the way local governments apply sales taxes to motor fuel, creates new fees… [Read more]

“New Markets” Tax Credit is a Bad Investment

March 9, 2015

Bill Analysis: House Bill 439 (LC 37 1964ERS)
House Bill 439 proposes a costly new tax break called the Georgia New Markets credit that would drain state coffers when lawmakers already struggle to find enough revenue for transportation, education and other vital needs. The goal of the credit is to… [Read more]

Education Savings Accounts Carry Big Sticker Shock

February 19, 2015

Georgia lawmakers are considering legislation to allow parents to take state dollars for private educational use. House Bill 243 proposes to create Education Savings Accounts (ESA) to set public money aside for educational services, including private school tuition, textbooks and curriculum materials, private tutoring and contributions to a college savings… [Read more]

Overview: 2016 Fiscal Year for Department of Community Health

February 10, 2015

The governor’s proposed 2016 budget directs $2.45 billion to the Department of Community Health, not including money for agencies attached for administrative purposes. That is a $27.8 million decline from the 2015 budget approved last spring. The department operates nine programs, although more than 96 percent of general fund spending,… [Read more]

Tax Plan Needs Course Correction

February 4, 2015

House Transportation Package Leaves out New Revenues, Could Harm Key Services
Georgia needs a sustained commitment to transportation that includes new revenues or it will struggle to thrive in the 21st century. A funding proposal unveiled by House legislative leaders in January 2015 includes some reasonable reforms of Georgia’s gas… [Read more]

Overview of Georgia’s 2016 Fiscal Year Human Services Budget

February 3, 2015

More for Child Welfare, but Other Services Still in Need
The governor’s $547 million human services budget proposed for the 2016 fiscal year makes strategic additions to help protect Georgia’s children and adults, but falls short of meeting the many different needs of its growing population. The spending plan promises… [Read more]