Overview of Georgia’s 2016 Fiscal Year Budget

January 21, 2015

The $21.8 billion budget proposed for Georgia’s 2016 fiscal year projects revenue growth of about 4.2 percent in the state’s main account for services such as education and public safety, the general fund. That’s $834 million more than the recently revised 2015 revenue estimate. State revenues are above pre-recession levels,… [Read more]

Money Matters: Increased Education Investment Linked to Higher Achievement

December 16, 2014

Money invested in student learning matters. This is the conclusion most researchers reach after examining the relationship between funding and student achievement. It means Georgia is headed in the wrong direction as ongoing austerity cuts slashed $8.3 billion from state public school funding since 2003. Students across the state suffer… [Read more]

Better Pay for Honest Work

November 12, 2014

Raise Georgia’s Minimum Wage to Expand Middle Class, Strengthen Economy
Georgia’s economy is increasingly tilted toward the types of jobs that don’t pay workers enough to make ends meet or keep their families out of poverty. They are food servers at local restaurants. Retail clerks selling products they can’t afford.… [Read more]

Cutting Class to Make Ends Meet 2014

October 16, 2014

Schools across Georgia continue to scramble to meet students’ needs as they cope with years of deep cuts in state funding. A new Georgia Budget and Policy Institute survey of school systems finds districts raised class sizes and cut instructional programs in response to state cuts. A modest increase of… [Read more]

The Schoolhouse Squeeze 2014

September 4, 2014

State Cuts, Lost Property Values Still Pinch School Districts
Georgia’s 180 school districts continue to face enormous financial pressures. The Georgia Legislature cut more than $8.4 billion in funding for public schools in recent years. At the same time, local funding for schools slipped precipitously following the plunge in property… [Read more]

State of Working Georgia 2014

August 27, 2014

Workers Squeezed by Tough Labor Market, Shrinking Paychecks
Georgia’s economy has improved markedly since the darkest days of the Great Recession, but workers and their families remain pinched from the lingering fallout. Unemployment remains high, wages are depressed and many workers are stuck in low-quality jobs. African-Americans and Georgians with… [Read more]

Georgia Budget Primer 2015

August 6, 2014

GBPI is proud to publish the latest edition of our annual comprehensive analysis of the state’s financial blueprint, the “Georgia Budget Primer 2015.”
This primer is a clear explanation of the state’s revenue collections and its current spending plan through next June. The 2015 edition tells the story of a… [Read more]

Bad Times for Good Jobs

July 17, 2014

Georgia’s Shrinking Middle Class Opportunity
A good-paying job is the cornerstone of a secure middle-class life, but Georgia’s private sector economy is failing to provide enough of them. Industries in Georgia that pay a middle-class wage suffered most during the Great Recession, and have come back more slowly than low-… [Read more]

Menu of Revenue Options to Pave Way for Georgia’s Rebound

June 26, 2014

Low Revenues Keeping Georgia on a Path to Mediocrity, 2014 Update
Georgia is one of the lowest-taxed states in the country, which prevents state and local governments from collecting the revenue they need to fully fund education, public services and other ingredients of economic success. But lawmakers can reverse these… [Read more]

At the Bottom of a Broken Ladder

June 19, 2014

A Profile of Georgia’s Low-Income Working Families
Nearly four in ten of Georgia’s working families with children are “low-income.”1  A low-income family of three with one child earns less than $36,960 per year. This could be the family of a cook at your favorite restaurant and a paraprofessional at your… [Read more]