Economic Security

Untapped Potential

January 15, 2016
Georgia is missing out on key opportunities to strengthen its workforce because it does not fully leverage the potential of safety net programs Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T). Read the full report.… [Read more]

Immigrants Help Chart Georgia’s Course to Prosperity

December 16, 2015
Georgia transformed over the past few decades as immigrants from around the world brought new workers, new entrepreneurs and new taxpayers. Nearly one in 10 Georgians today was born outside of the United States and one in five Georgians under the age of 18 has at least one immigrant parent.… [Read more]

Child Care Assistance: Georgia’s Opportunity to Bolster Working Families, Economy

March 23, 2015
Georgia is now turning away people who apply for child care financial assistance through a state program designed to help low-income families due to worries the program itself could run short of money.  Georgia’s Department of Early Care and Learning said last Friday budget concerns are causing it to make… [Read more]

Overview of Georgia’s 2016 Fiscal Year Human Services Budget

February 3, 2015
More for Child Welfare, but Other Services Still in Need The governor’s $547 million human services budget proposed for the 2016 fiscal year makes strategic additions to help protect Georgia’s children and adults, but falls short of meeting the many different needs of its growing population. The spending plan promises… [Read more]

At the Bottom of a Broken Ladder

June 19, 2014
A Profile of Georgia’s Low-Income Working Families Nearly four in ten of Georgia’s working families with children are “low-income.”1  A low-income family of three with one child earns less than $36,960 per year. This could be the family of a cook at your favorite restaurant and a paraprofessional at your… [Read more]

Overview: Georgia’s 2015 Fiscal Year Human Services Budget

January 21, 2014
Strategic Additions Made to DHS Budget; Service Cuts Since Recession Retained The governor’s $516.1 million budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year makes strategic additions to help protect Georgia’s children and adults, but falls far short of restoring funds to pre-recession levels. The state’s spending plan makes it somewhat easier… [Read more]

Recovery or Bust: Georgia’s Poor Left Behind

December 17, 2013
More Georgians are living on the desperate side of the federal poverty line than at any time in the state’s recent history. At the same time, pathways to exit poverty are increasingly blocked as the state failed to make strategic investments when needed.  America’s Great Recession – the country’s deepest… [Read more]

Georgians with Disabilities Miss Out on $92 Million in Federal Grants

October 10, 2013
As the number of Georgians with disabilities grew over the last four years, funding that could have helped prepare them for employment decreased. Drastic cuts to state investment in specialized job training, counseling and other vocational rehabilitation led Georgia to leave $92 million in federal funding on the table, enough… [Read more]

GBPI 2014 Primer: Human Services

July 9, 2013
Georgia’s spending to help children, the poor and seniors is overseen by the state Department of Human Services, which has a 2014 budget of $486 million, or about 3 percent of the total. Budget cuts in recent years have strained the state’s safety net designed to safeguard its most vulnerable… [Read more]

Overview: Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Human Services

February 8, 2013
State Spending Cuts Borne Most Heavily by Most Vulnerable The governor’s budget proposals for the next 17 months do not meet the growing needs of Georgia’s most vulnerable children and adults. In some cases they place them even more at risk. The state’s spending plans will make it more difficult… [Read more]