Federal Budget & Taxes

Georgia’s Unemployment Trust Fund: A Plan Urgently Needed to Restore Solvency

September 28, 2011
Years of employer tax cuts left Georgia unprepared for a recession and high unemployment; now the state is borrowing $721 million from the federal government to meet its obligation. This policy brief provides an update on Georgia’s insolvent unemployment trust fund, as well as recommendations for how the state can… [Read more]

What Federal Fund Cuts in Proposed U.S. House Bill Would Mean for Georgia

March 9, 2011
The U.S. House of Representatives bill (H.R. 1) to fund the federal government through September 30, 2011, would make deep cuts ($66 billion) to a wide variety of services, impacting hundreds of thousands of Georgians. Download the PDF.[Read more]

Georgia’s Unemployment Trust Fund: More than $600 Million Owed to the Federal Government

February 16, 2011
Georgia currently has an insolvent unemployment trust fund. This policy brief examines what payments are due in 2011 for Georgia’s outstanding loan, the consequences of not paying, and options for returning to solvency. Download the PDF.   Related Materials: Georgia’s Unemployment Trust Fund: A Plan Urgently Needed to Restore Solvency[Read more]

New Federal Tax Credit Benefits 84% of Small Businesses in Georgia

October 12, 2010
The new healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act) includes new tax credits to help small businesses provide health insurance for their employees. This fact sheet examines the new tax credits and how they could help nearly 120,000 small businesses in Georgia better afford health coverage for their employees. Download the [Read more]

Georgia is Depending on Congress to Avert a Medicaid Crisis

June 9, 2010
Georgia’s new budget assumes Recovery Act Medicaid funds will be extended past Dec. 31, when it is expires. The Senate is considering legislation to extend it temporarily (the House already stripped it out of a bill). Without it, Georgia would need to find hundreds of millions in new revenues or… [Read more]

Recovery Act Directly Aiding Unemployed, Elderly, and Low-Income Families

January 12, 2010
Data on dollars spent and Georgians helped to date with a county-by-county breakdown. Download the PDF.[Read more]