State Taxes

A Tax Blueprint to Strengthen Georgia

October 21, 2015
Reforming Georgia’s rickety tax code is once again a hot topic among members of the General Assembly, and the question lawmakers must answer is how best to do it. The most prominent pending reform option would slash Georgia’s top personal income tax rate and try to make up the lost… [Read more]

Tax Shift Plans Chart Wrong Path to Reform

October 14, 2015
State legislators are likely to consider large-scale changes to Georgia’s tax system when they return to work in January 2016, and some ideas they’re poised to debate threaten serious harm to Georgia families and the state’s ability to maintain a strong economy and high quality of life. Read the full… [Read more]

A Bottom-Up Tax Cut to Build Georgia’s Middle Class

August 12, 2015
Building a better Georgia, with a strong economy and vibrant businesses, requires a more resilient middle class and more opportunities for working families to climb the economic ladder. One of the best tools to help ensure that Georgians broadly share in that prosperity is a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit… [Read more]

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: Final 2015 Tax Recap

May 20, 2015
Governor Approves Big Transportation Package, Slew of Smaller Bills Gov. Nathan Deal approved several pieces of legislation that affect Georgia’s ability to meet its needs like roads and schools in future years.  Georgia’s House and Senate passed 11 different tax bills this year, and the governor approved 10 of them.… [Read more]

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2015 Session Recap

April 17, 2015
Several pieces of legislation that could affect Georgia’s state treasury await either signature or veto by Gov. Nathan Deal, after clearing both the House and Senate in the 2015 session. One of them, House Bill 170, is a reasonable reform designed to raise considerable new money to pay for Georgia’s… [Read more]

How to fix flawed “New Markets” Bill

March 19, 2015
The Georgia Senate is now considering House Bill 439, legislation supporters claim will help small businesses in low-income urban and rural areas. But the proposal is poorly designed and is unlikely to help Georgia businesses or the state’s economy. It creates an overly complex investment scheme that delivers tax credits… [Read more]

House Transportation Package Takes Promising Turn

March 13, 2015
House Bill 170 includes a number of provisions designed to generate additional revenues for improving Georgia’s gridlocked transportation system. The package that passed the Georgia House of Representatives on March 5, 2015 reforms Georgia’s gas tax, alters the way local governments apply sales taxes to motor fuel, creates new fees… [Read more]

“New Markets” Tax Credit is a Bad Investment

March 9, 2015
Bill Analysis: House Bill 439 (LC 37 1964ERS) House Bill 439 proposes a costly new tax break called the Georgia New Markets credit that would drain state coffers when lawmakers already struggle to find enough revenue for transportation, education and other vital needs. The goal of the credit is to… [Read more]

Tax Plan Needs Course Correction

February 4, 2015
House Transportation Package Leaves out New Revenues, Could Harm Key Services Georgia needs a sustained commitment to transportation that includes new revenues or it will struggle to thrive in the 21st century. A funding proposal unveiled by House legislative leaders in January 2015 includes some reasonable reforms of Georgia’s gas… [Read more]

Tax Facts: Georgia Gives Up Billions through the Tax Code

January 27, 2015
Georgia foregoes billions of dollars in state revenue each year through dozens of credits, deductions and other special preferences called tax expenditures. As with spending items in the state’s annual budget, tax expenditures are supposed to promote policy priorities that can range from economic development to support for working families.… [Read more]