State Taxes

New GBPI Budget Primer Previews 2017 as State Closes Out 2016

July 22, 2016
State tax collection rose 9.4 percent in the just-ended 2016 fiscal year, or nearly $1.8 billion more than the prior year. About $744 million of that is from a new revenue system that kicked in last July to pay for long deferred road and bridge maintenance. Georgia’s governor announced those… [Read more]

Georgia Budget Primer 2017

July 19, 2016
Where does the money for Georgia’s $23.7 billion budget come from this year? How has the new transportation funding package affected state revenue? Is Georgia finally funding K-12 education at the level called for in its own formula? GBPI’s “Georgia Budget Primer 2017” answers these questions and many more in… [Read more]

Lawmakers Reject Major Tax Cuts, OK Modest Tax Breaks

May 6, 2016
Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2016 Legislative Session Recap Gov. Nathan Deal just signed into law several pieces of tax legislation state lawmakers passed in the 2016 session that will affect state revenue to varying degrees for years. One of the bills is a housekeeping measure Georgia must pass each… [Read more]

Georgia Misses Big Opportunity to Help Struggling Rural Hospitals

April 22, 2016
First published in the SW Georgia Health Beat on page 23. The good news is Georgia lawmakers understand something must be done to help the state’s struggling rural hospitals. Calhoun Memorial Hospital closed in Arlington in recent years, as did Flint River Hospital in Macon County and too many others… [Read more]

Lawmakers Wise to Reject Reckless Income Tax Measures

March 25, 2016

A post-midnight Sine Die closed the 2016 session and GBPI analysts were on hand. A plan to slash the state’s income tax wound up on the cutting room floor, the fate our research showed it deserved. Read more.

Adding Up 2016: Tax Breaks, Income Tax Cuts Could Harm Georgia Finances

March 9, 2016
A variety of tax bills await further consideration by state legislators as the Georgia General Assembly enters its final few weeks of the 2016 session. There are 11 tax bills affecting state revenues still alive after Crossover Day, the point where bills must clear at least one legislative chamber to… [Read more]

Fact Sheet: House Bill 238 gives hands a big tax break to a small sliver of wealthy Georgians

March 4, 2016
House Bill 238 gives hard working middle-class families just a few extra dollars a month, yet hands a big tax break to a small sliver of wealthy Georgians Georgia’s tax system falls most sharply on low- and moderate-income families. HB 238 does nothing to change that. The 80 percent of… [Read more]

Tax cut proposal to benefit wealthiest Georgians, jeopardize funding for schools, roads and more

March 4, 2016
Twin income tax cut proposals that promise a big tax break for wealthy Georgians and little for everyone else are careening toward legislative approval this month. If enacted, House Bill 238 and Senate Resolution 756 will stymie Georgia’s investment in quality public schools, hospitals, services for children and seniors, and… [Read more]

Threat to Georgia’s Finances Gains Steam as Constitutional Amendment to Slash State Income Tax Nears Crossover Day

February 26, 2016
Most Georgia families stand to lose if twin proposals to slash the state income tax stay on track to pass the General Assembly this year. Midnight Monday Feb. 29, or crossover day, is the target for supporters of a constitutional amendment to drastically shift the state away from a balanced… [Read more]

Senate Resolution 756 threatens to disrupt Georgia’s long-term finances

February 26, 2016
Senate Resolution 756 threatens to undermine Georgia’s ability to remain an attractive state for families and businesses. Passing the amendment creates a rigid formula in Georgia’s constitution that inflicts a series of never-ending automatic revenue cuts based on arbitrary targets. This formula is harmful to Georgia’s growth, especially if coupled… [Read more]