Day: July 17, 2014

Georgia Gets an “F” for Failing Working Parents

Georgia is failing its working moms and dads, according to a new report by the National Partnership for Women & Families. In its most recent edition of “Expecting Better,” the group assigned Georgia an ”F” after comparing policies in each

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Georgia’s Middle Class Workers Left Out of Recovery

Industries in Georgia that pay a middle-class wage fell furthest during the Great Recession but are faring the worst during the economic recovery. Georgia’s mid-wage industries comprised 52 percent of private sector job losses during the recession, but only 15

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Bad Times for Good Jobs

Georgia’s Shrinking Middle Class Opportunity A good-paying job is the cornerstone of a secure middle-class life, but Georgia’s private sector economy is failing to provide enough of them. Industries in Georgia that pay a middle-class wage suffered most during the

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