Atlanta jobs: a story of upbeat caution

Atlanta’s economic optimism has turned a bit cautious. Hiring is solid if unspectacular, but layoffs are few — signs that employers are aware of potential economic trouble and don’t want to be overextended. But they also have plenty of business now and don’t want to find themselves suddenly scrambling to fill positions in a market where good workers can be hard to find. Metro Atlanta’s unemployment rate remained at 3.2% in March, the Georgia Department of Labor reported Thursday.

…even a modest hesitation in hiring or a small layoffs can have an outsized impact on workers who might have had trouble getting a job in the first place, said Ray Khalfani, policy analyst at the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. “Lately we’ve seen a steady rise in unemployment for Black workers in Georgia,” he said.

Read the full article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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