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HOPE Scholars Pick Up Increasing Share of College Costs

Students from low- or moderate-income families must clear ever-higher financial hurdles to complete a postsecondary program in Georgia. The HOPE Scholarship will cover 59 percent of tuition and mandatory fees at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the next school

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Tax Resolutions Could Put Georgia Lawmakers in a Bind

Bill Analysis: Senate Resolution 415 Georgia legislators are proposing a constitutional amendment that would limit the state’s ability to adequately meet the needs of its people in the future. The proposal, Senate Resolution 415, would call for a referendum to

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Tax Shift Proposals Would Hurt Georgia Schools

Plans to drastically cut or abolish state income taxes and replace them with higher sales taxes are gaining traction in Georgia. These tax shift plans threaten to harm Georgia’s schoolchildren and university students because deep income tax cuts would likely

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The Schoolhouse Squeeze Report Summary

State Cuts, Plunging Property Values Pinch School Districts School districts across Georgia are relentlessly pressed by ongoing cuts in state funding and simultaneous declines in property values. “The Schoolhouse Squeeze,” a new report from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute,

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How Tax Shift Plans Raise Taxes on Most Families

A seismic shift from incomes taxes to sales taxes would raise total state taxes for as many as four in five Georgia taxpayers, as explained in a Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) comprehensive report published this month. How can

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