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Gap Between Black and white children

The COVID-19 pandemic will have an outsized impact on Black Georgians, who are overrepresented in the low-wage workforce, so support for the safety net is critical for preventing the widening of racial disparities. Georgia’s harsh rules and disinvestment have impacted Black families, who, because slavery and segregation led to current unjust policies that reinforce poverty, make up 70 percent of recipients. The overrepresentation of Black families in TANF has undoubtedly resulted in policy changes that make the program punitive. Moreover, the use of funds for purposes other than basic assistance affects Black families; states that spend more on basic assistance are able to narrow the poverty gap between Black and white children.[5] NRST benefits can help boost incomes for Black families, helping to make sure they do not fall further behind during the economic crisis.

Issuing NRST during this crisis will extend TANF’s reach by providing much-needed financial relief to these families that are on the verge of being pushed deeper into poverty.

You can download our fact sheet on TANF funding and COVID-19 here.

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