‘Cautiously optimistic but realistically pessimistic’: Georgia colleges prepare for unknowns of fall semester

Colleges across Georgia have assembled planning teams for what they say will be a return to in-person classes this fall after an abrupt switch to distance education in March to limit the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Faced with changing data and guidance, and the many known factors about the future of the pandemic, they’re planning for multiple scenarios.

[…] At the same time college task forces are designing Pandemic U., administrators are devising plans to cope with looming state budget cuts, or for private colleges, less income from tuition as enrollment falls.

But it’s exactly the wrong time to cut higher education budgets, warned Jennifer Lee, higher education policy analyst with the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, an Atlanta-based nonpartisan think tank.

In hard times, that’s when people most need college and technical education, she said.

Read the full article at the Athens Banner-Herald.

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