First look at how Georgia lawmakers will try to cut 14% from coronavirus-depleted state budget

Georgia lawmakers will get their first look next week at how deep state agencies must cut their budgets to comply with spending reductions the legislature’s leading budget writers ordered in the wake of coronavirus.

Revised fiscal 2021 budget proposals the agencies submitted this week would freeze vacant positions, furlough workers and scale back vital programs and services to achieve $3 billion to $4 billion in cuts to offset the impact of declining tax revenues resulting from the pandemic-driven lockdown of the state’s economy.

[…] While the targeted spending reduction in the revised budget is 14% across the board, some cuts are larger and some are smaller.

[…] Such steep reductions would be counterproductive to the state’s economic recovery as well as devastating to Georgia families, said Danny Kanso, a policy analyst with the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute.

Read more at Forsyth County News.

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