Health Care Overhaul is Good for Georgians with Pre-existing Conditions

While many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) haven’t taken effect yet, it’s clear the federal overhaul that changes how this nation handles health care is already paying big benefits to Georgians.

In light of the second anniversary of the federal law, a new GBPI report highlights several ways Georgians are benefitting from the law as well as provisions that save the state money.

Since its passage, the ACA has brought health coverage to thousands of Georgians who otherwise would likely remain without insurance.

Today, nearly 1,500 Georgians previously denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions now have health coverage. One of the most important provisions of the new law is that beginning in 2014, insurance companies no longer can deny coverage to people who are sick. Until that provision takes effect, people have access to coverage through the Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP.) Unfortunately, Georgia officials refused to create a state-run system for providing such coverage, but eligible Georgians have access to the new federally-run program. It provides subsidies so the cost of insurance more closely resembles what healthy people are charged in the individual market.

There’s more. By June 30, 2013, Georgia will have realized more than $100 million in savings and millions more in new federal funds coming to the state.

The PCIP is expected to provide $177 million in federal subsidies for Georgians who would otherwise be denied coverage. Now they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they aren’t on the hook for all their medical costs.

And it isn’t just sick people who benefit. We all do. Georgia taxpayers no longer have to pay as much toward state programs that help people with high cost health conditions who lack insurance pay for medicine. Now they get more comprehensive coverage from this federal program, while the state also saves at least $1.2 million between 2011 and 2013.


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