Looking Ahead: A People-First Agenda for Georgia

While the final votes are being tallied, one thing is clear: this election year saw unprecedented engagement. Voters forced attention to issues at the heart of the debate including health care, education and economic opportunity. These subjects were top of mind for nearly all voters regardless of party affiliation, zip code, race, ethnicity or gender.

In January, we offered People-Powered Prosperity, a new economic vision for Georgia that centers investments in our people as the path toward an inclusive and resilient economy. Our People-Powered Prosperity agenda is a clear platform that will strengthen Georgia’s economy and bolster our state so that we can have educated youth, skilled workers, thriving families and healthy communities. And we know these issues and solutions resonate with voters. For example, GBPI recently fielded a statewide poll that found an overwhelming majority of Georgians supported a people-first economic agenda.

State leaders can look to the policy solutions included in our People-Powered Prosperity agenda as they transition from being candidates to assuming the role and responsibility of governing our state.

Here at GBPI we are ready to roll up our sleeves and focus on the pressing challenges that hold back Georgia families from enjoying economic security and fully participating in our economy.

In 2019, the common ground that can unite us all is moving policy issues forward that place people at the center. We are ready to partner and support all elected leaders and allies to fulfill our mission to advance lasting solutions that expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians.   

People are Georgia’s number one asset. Working together, let’s ensure Georgia is an inclusive state where all people prosper.

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