Marriage Equality is Good for Business in Georgia

Alan blogCreating marriage equality in Georgia is not just a matter of basic justice and fairness, but according to a just-released study by the Williams Institute in the UCLA School of Law, the state’s economy would also benefit.

Revenue from same-sex wedding planning and spending by out-of-state guests on goods and services will add $78.8 million to the state and local economies over the first three years such marriages are allowed.
That economic activity delivers $5.5 million in new state and local sales tax revenue. As many as 988 tourism and recreation jobs could be created in Georgia after it accommodates marriage equality, according to the study.

The Williams Institute estimates of state and local revenue are actually on the conservative side. The study only considers estimates of additional sales taxes on direct spending for weddings and new tourism. Impacted businesses would also pay additional income taxes and create new jobs.

Georgia has a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage, but several federal district courts ruled recently that similar bans in other states violate the U.S. Constitution. Appeals of those decisions to the United States Supreme Court are pending. The justices could take up the constitutionality of a state ban on same-sex marriage next year. A high court decision that effectively overturns Georgia’s ban on same-sex marriage would deliver tangible economic benefits for the state.





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