Nearly 100,000 low-income Georgians lost Medicaid health coverage last month

More Georgians who went through the Medicaid unwinding process last month lost their coverage than kept it, with nearly 100,000 people dropped from the public health insurance program in just one month, according to new state data released Wednesday.

The people who went through Medicaid redetermination last month represent the largest group yet to go through the process in Georgia. The state started renewals for nearly 217,000 people last month, a big jump from the 12,500 Georgians in the initial round.

“Most of those who are losing coverage are losing it for a procedural reason, which means that likely many of those folks are still eligible but there’s been some sort of human or technological error in the process of being renewed – and that includes kids as well,” said Leah Chan, director of health justice with the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute.

Read the full article on the Georgia Recorder.

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