Overview: Georgia’s 2014 Fiscal Year Budget for PK-12

New Plan Continues $1 Billion Underfunding of QBE

The overview of Georgia’s 2014 fiscal year budget for K-12 education report reviews the proposed FY 2014 budget and the impact it has on early childhood and K-12 education.  Georgia continues to shortchange its K-12 students. The Quality Basic Education (QBE) program, the primary mechanism for distributing state money to local school districts, is underfunded by $1 billion in the governor’s budget for the 2014 fiscal year. While the proposed budget would increase total funding over last year, the extra money primarily covers the added cost of more school children and a salary adjustment for teachers’ training and experience. For districts and schools across the state there will be little relief from larger class sizes, shorter school calendars and teacher furlough days.  Download the report.

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