Politico: Georgia’s Medicaid is on lawmakers’ minds

ALL EYES ON GEORGIA’S MEDICAID — Georgia is set to become the first state in five years to add work requirements to Medicaid, a move likely to be scrutinized amid a national debate over the issue, POLITICO’s Robert King reports.

On July 1, the state will launch the Georgia Pathways to Coverage program, which offers a partial Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. However, certain beneficiaries must complete 80 hours a month of work, training, volunteering or education to stay covered.

Georgia’s final state budget included $52 million and $65.5 million in unspent Covid-19 relief funds. Georgia’s Department of Community Health predicted that 100,000 people will sign up in the first year, but an estimate from the nonprofit Georgia Budget and Policy Institute said there is only enough funding for 47,500 people.

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