PRESS RELEASE: Landmark Gift from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Furthers Research for a Georgia Work Credit and Beyond

PRESS RELEASE: Landmark Gift from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Furthers Research for a Georgia Work Credit and Beyond 

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Today, the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) announced a transformational gift from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. This substantial $75,000 contribution will propel GBPI’s critical research and advocacy efforts aimed at establishing a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), locally recognized as a Georgia Work Credit, as well as other tax credits designed to enhance economic prospects for Georgia residents.

From its inception, GBPI has championed the state EITC, recognizing its potential to fortify economic stability across Georgia. The EITC has emerged as a leading nationwide policy in uplifting working families from poverty and propelling them toward the middle class. The introduction of a Georgia Work Credit would not only provide benefits to a wide spectrum of taxpayers but also catalyze economic growth, particularly spurring profound impacts in rural Georgia communities.

“GBPI extends heartfelt gratitude to the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta for their investment in this critical work. This gift will strengthen our innovative research and fervent advocacy as we push for a Georgia Work Credit and other tax incentives to support a more prosperous future for all Georgians. Implementing a state EITC would reduce the amount of tax owed by low and middle-income working families who struggle to make ends meet. In addition to allowing families to save more money, EITCs have the potential to positively impact maternal and infant health, academic outcomes for children in elementary and middle schools, and small businesses in Georgia” said Staci Fox, GBPI President and CEO. “In partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, GBPI is embarking on a journey to unveil new possibilities for economic security and nurture inclusive growth throughout our state.”

As Georgia gears up for significant changes in its tax code, exemplified by the forthcoming implementation of and the introduction of a flat tax structure, it becomes increasingly imperative to recalibrate fairness. Enacting an EITC is a potent strategy for providing financial relief to low- and middle-income families rather than bolstering the most affluent. By embracing an EITC, Georgia can champion tax reform from a grassroots level, delivering much-needed support to essential workers such as salesclerks, teaching assistants and home health aides who earn modest incomes.

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About GBPI:

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) strives to be an anti-racist research and advocacy organization that advances lasting solutions to expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. We examine the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions that address inequities in our state. We educate the public about complex issues confronting Georgia. We activate Georgians to call for policy solutions that put people first. We aim to inspire informed debate and decision-making, advancing our vision of a fair and inclusive Georgia where everyone can prosper.

About the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta:

Since 1951, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has been leading and inspiring philanthropy to increase the vitality of our region and the well-being of all residents. With more than 70 years serving the Atlanta region and a robust team of experts, the Community Foundation expands its philanthropic reach and impact by providing quality services to donors and bold, innovative community leadership committed to equity and shared prosperity. The Community Foundation is a top-20 community foundation among 800 nationally, with approximately $1.2 billion in current assets.


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