RELEASE: GBPI Releases Signature Georgia Budget Primer

RELEASE: GBPI Releases Signature Georgia Budget Primer

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —Today, the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) released the 2024 Georgia Budget Primer — a deep-dive analysis of state tax revenues and spending for the Fiscal Year (FY), which begins on, July 1, 2023. The Primer outlines budget changes and trends to help Georgians better understand the impact of state spending on their communities and their lives. GBPI will host a virtual town hall on the 2024 Georgia Budget Primer in August.

Highlighted in this document is the state’s continued practice of hoarding resources, even as rising living costs and a major rollback of pandemic-era protections unfold. In an unprecedented move, the FY 2024 budget includes nine line-item vetoes and 134 non-binding orders to fully or partially dismiss language and appropriations for $242 million in state spending. These budget disregards will withhold tens of millions of dollars in funding from Georgia’s health care system and safety net programs, and block more than $6 million that the Department of Education needs to cover school meals for low-income K-12 students.

GBPI’s Budget Primer investigates the potential impact and feasibility of these and other economic policies proposed in the state budget. This publication also outlines solutions to support a more equitable budgeting process and improve outcomes and resources for communities.

Statement from GBPI President and CEO Staci Fox:

“As we enter FY 2024, Georgia is sitting on a massive piggy bank of cash— GBPI estimates that Georgia’s overall state reserves will be above $15 billion at the end of the fiscal year. On its face, this may appear to be a strong fiscal position, but these are public dollars that should be supporting Georgians’ needs, not withheld due to years of painful austerity budgeting. As we prepare for the 2024 Legislative Session, we call for a restructuring of Georgia’s broken systems to stabilize and strengthen our state and communities. We have the resources to create a more inclusive and equitable economy and society for Georgia; it is a matter of political will.  Only by uplifting solutions that center people’s dignity and humanity can we advance economic opportunities so all Georgians can thrive.”

The full primer is available at

About GBPI:

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) strives to be an anti-racist research and advocacy organization that advances lasting solutions to expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. We examine the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions that address inequities in our state. We educate the public about complex issues confronting Georgia. We activate Georgians to call for policy solutions that put people first. We aim to inspire informed debate and decision-making, advancing our vision of a fair and inclusive Georgia where everyone can prosper.  


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