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An educated population is essential for creating jobs and making sure Georgia is a good place to raise a family and operate a business. Georgia can meet the challenge of ensuring that all kids graduate from high school prepared to compete for good jobs and ready to contribute to the state’s economic growth. It also means ensuring all qualified students affordable access to college.
Line of kids boarding a school bus Budget and Taxes

Overview: 2024 Fiscal Year Budget for K-12 Education

    Gov. Kemp’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 provides Georgia’s public schools $11.9 billion, a …

State of Education 2023 cover photo K-12 Education

State of Education Funding (2023): Opportunity is Knocking

    The United States is experiencing income inequality at a level not seen since the 1920s, and …

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2023 Policy Priorities

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute’s goal is to shine a light on people-first policies that help all …

k-12 survey cover image K-12 Education

Hidden Costs Exact a Toll: Results from GBPI’s 2022 School District Survey

This report was co-authored by Monica Obregon, a fellow in the Southern Education Leadership Initiative, a program within …

special education featured image K-12 Education

Special Education Funding in Georgia

By several measures Georgia has a typical special education program, but this says less about the state and …

3 ways to fix GA ed funding Blog

Three Ways to Fix Georgia Education Funding

Five Georgia senators will meet over the next few months to review education funding mechanisms as a part …

Mother-Child-Dawn-696x464 GBPI In The News

PRESS RELEASE: Georgia Must Reinforce Health and Safety Net Ecosystem in The Wake of The 11th Circuit Decision

RELEASE: Georgia Must Reinforce Health and Safety Net Ecosystem in The Wake of The 11th Circuit Decision ATLANTA …

3 Budget Primer

Georgia Education Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2023

This section is co-authored by K-12 Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Stephen Owens and Higher Education Senior Policy Analyst …

support schools post roe featured image Blog

How to Support Georgia’s Schools Post-Roe

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling striking down Roe v. Wade has left states to decide limits on abortion …

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Sine Die 2022: Improvements to Health and Education Affordability Are Coming, But Risky Tax Legislation Passes, too

This year’s Legislative Session finished in a flurry of last-minute votes that extended late into the night on …

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Crossover Day 2022: Strong Health and Economic Legislation Cross Over, But Dangerous Tax Threat Remains

Yesterday, March 15, marked Crossover Day 2022, the day by which a bill generally must pass out of …

School-Drop-Off Budget and Taxes

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars at Stake for a Failed Policy | Bill Analysis House Bill 60 (LC 49 0793S)

  Note: This piece provides an update to a 2021 analysis of a previous version of the bill, …

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