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An educated population is essential for creating jobs and making sure Georgia is a good place to raise a family and operate a business. Georgia can meet the challenge of ensuring that all kids graduate from high school prepared to compete for good jobs and ready to contribute to the state’s economic growth. It also means ensuring all qualified students affordable access to college.
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Overview: Georgia’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget for Higher Education

Georgia Balances the Books by Making Higher Education Less Accessible The overview of Georgia’s 2014 fiscal year budget …

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Changes to HOPE: Bad for Georgia’s Future

The Wall Street Journal this week examined the impact of changes to Georgia’s HOPE scholarships made by the …

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Trouble for Georgia School Districts

Posted by Taifa S. Butler If Georgia is going to grow jobs and stabilize the state’s economy, then …

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Survey Says: Trouble for Schools

Georgia school districts report that classrooms are more crowded than ever and students are spending fewer days in …

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State Budget Cuts Equal Tuition Increases for Georgia’s Technical College Students

The Governor’s request for another 3 percent budget cut will mean less money for Georgia’s technical colleges, forcing …

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Access to Quality Pre-K Classrooms Key to Georgia Remaining a Leader in Early Learning

Georgia’s reputation as a leader in early childhood education is slipping away. Despite an abundance of evidence that …

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Powerball: Where the Dollars Go

Posted by Taifa S. Butler When the Powerball jackpot reached more than $320 million last week — the …

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Opinion Editorial: Penny wise and pound foolish school budgets

The Columbus Ledger Enquirer Editorial Board cites research from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute in its recent …

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: PK-12 Education

The FY 2013 Budget Analysis: PK-12 Education report reviews the enacted FY 2013 budget and the impact it …

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: Higher Education

A review of the enacted FY 2013 budget for Higher Education examines the new normal era of fewer …

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HOPE for Whom? For Some it Doesn’t Pay to Play the Georgia Lottery

To meet 21st century business demands, Georgia must get more students into colleges, universities and technical schools, and …

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Features GBPI Op-ed: Less HOPE for those who contribute larger share of their income to the lottery

As posted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Posted by Taifa Smith Butler Georgia’s commitment to graduate 250,000 more college …

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