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An educated population is essential for creating jobs and making sure Georgia is a good place to raise a family and operate a business. Georgia can meet the challenge of ensuring that all kids graduate from high school prepared to compete for good jobs and ready to contribute to the state’s economic growth. It also means ensuring all qualified students affordable access to college.
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HOPE on a Tightrope: Maximizing Lottery Funds to Yield the Best Education Returns

The Georgia Lottery has provided more than $13 billion toward education programs in Georgia. The  program has enabled more …

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: PK-12 Education

Amidst a tenuous economic recovery, Georgia remains far from its fiscal position prior to the economic downturn. The …

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: Higher Education

The FY 2013 budgets for higher education provide modest spending increases compared to FY 2012. The budgets provide funding …

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Making a Case for Need-based Financial Aid in Georgia

By 2020 an estimated 61 percent of all jobs in the state will require a career certificate or …

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A Ray of “Hope” for Students Pursuing Higher Education

Paying for college has often been a deal-breaker for many individuals desiring to pursue a post-secondary education. Georgia …

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Smaller Budgets Impact Higher Education

This fact sheet provides an overview of the FY 2012 budgets for the University System of Georgia and …

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Funding Cuts Affect HOPE Program

The FY 2012 budget allocates $650 million in total funding for programs that provide financial assistance for post-secondary …

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Overview of the ESPLOST Initiative for Four Metro Atlanta School Systems

This policy brief provides an overview of the financial performance and expenditure activity related to the Education Special …

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FY 2012 Education Budget: Serving More with Less

This report provides an overview of the enacted FY 2012 budget for the Department of Early Care and …

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House Bill 78 Means Less for Education

This fact sheet provides an analysis of the proposed FY 2012 budget and its impact on education. Download …

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House Bill 326: Policy Proposals and Options for Reforming HOPE and Pre-K

The policy brief provides an analysis of the governor’s proposed plans for reforming Georgia’s HOPE and Pre-K programs, …

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Governor’s FY 2012 Education Budget Proposals: The Cuts Continue

Highlights of the FY 2012 budgets for the Department of Education, Board of Regents, Technical College System of …

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