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Hope on a Tightrope

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATLANTA (February 7, 2012) – The lottery funding model is broken. HOPE Program expenditures outpace lottery revenues and are expected to increase while lottery revenue growth is expected to flatten. The Georgia Student Finance Commission projects that

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: PK-12 Education

Amidst a tenuous economic recovery, Georgia remains far from its fiscal position prior to the economic downturn. The FY 2013 Budget Analysis: PK-12 Education discusses the governor’s FY 2013 budget recommendations for the Department of Education and Bright from the

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FY 2013 Budget Analysis: Higher Education

The FY 2013 budgets for higher education provide modest spending increases compared to FY 2012. The budgets provide funding for enrollment growth within both the university and technical college systems; however, the University System’s Teaching program and the Technical College System’s

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