The People-Powered Prosperity (PPP) campaign details a vision where all Georgians can prosper—and outlines options to responsibly fund the programs necessary to power economic growth in our state. This campaign proposes commonsense solutions to advance health communities, thriving families, a strong workforce and an educated youth. PPP relaunched in January 2020 with GBPI, 9to5 Georgia, Faith in Public Life and Small Business Majority at the helm.

As the PPP campaign continues to build on the foundation created in 2018, this new partnership will focus on placing the tools of People-Powered Prosperity—our research, advocacy materials and more—in the hands of faith leaders, working women, small business owners and other Georgians ready to advocate for a more prosperous future.

Mica Whitfield, state director with 9to5 Georgia, will serve as their project point person helping to ensure alignment of PPP priorities across the organization. 9to5 Georgia remains steadfast in its mission to build a movement to achieve justice, during unprecedented attacks on Black lives and women’s rights, voter suppression and a global pandemic. In this continued fight, 9to5 Georgia is pleased to join PPP as the campaign directly coincides with 9to5’s civic engagement and economic empowerment work. Specifically, 9to5 focuses on women of color earning low to moderate incomes, who are typically left out of policy priorities and solutions. 9to5 Georgia looks forward to integrating PPP priorities into their Community Justice Fellowship Program and voter engagement work.

Graham Younger is the director for Faith in Public Life (FPL) in Georgia. He and Minister Shavonne D. Williams, Georgia Organizing Ambassador, will help steward the PPP campaign to faith leaders across Georgia.  FPL has organized campaigns around several issues in Georgia but is particularly excited about PPP. While working with people of faith throughout Georgia, it immediately became clear that the economic policies and budgetary process of our state have been affecting the people in our congregations in more ways than we can count. We want to demystify those processes so we can give clergy and their constituents the information they need to amplify their voices at the state capitol and in their communities.

Rachel Shanklin manages Small Business Majority’s outreach, education and policy efforts in the state of Georgia by educating small businesses throughout the state on key issues, empowering entrepreneurs to have their voices heard and advancing statewide policy efforts. PPP’s policy priorities align closely with Small Business Majority’s mission to empower entrepreneurs to build a thriving and inclusive economy by advocating for issues like access to capital, affordable health care and a strong workforce—all of which are issues that affect small business owners every day

Amanda Hollowell is the director of strategic campaigns with Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) and is part of the collaboration of this talented group of individuals. This is an intentional partnership aiming to address the problems that existed in Georgia before COVID-19: poverty, sky-high costs for college and childcare, the maternal mortality crisis and inequities faced by women and people of color. Currently, the pandemic has underscored that recovery is only possible if we invest in every Georgian and ensure no one is left out.

Several PPP priorities, such as the goals to extend postpartum Medicaid and modernize the sales tax, advanced through the Legislature during the 2020 session. PPP will continue our research, education and community outreach via social media. Together, we can fund prosperity for all Georgians.

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