Women Working Ahead: An Economic Opportunity Agenda for Georgia Women Women represent a majority of Georgia’s adult population and nearly half of the state’s workforce. In more than half of all Georgia households with children, women are primary or co-breadwinners. Join us as we present, Women Working Ahead: An Economic Opportunity Agenda for Georgia Women.
Understanding Medicaid in Georgia and the Opportunity to Improve It The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute and Georgians for a Healthy Future today announce the joint release of  “Understanding Medicaid in Georgia and the Opportunity to Improve It.” In this three-part booklet you will find infographics, new data and compelling charts that simplify the complex issue of Medicaid in Georgia.… [Read more]
A Bottom-Up Tax Cut to Build Georgia’s Middle Class Building a better Georgia, with a strong economy and vibrant businesses, requires a more resilient middle class and more opportunities for working families to climb the economic ladder. One of the best tools to help ensure that Georgians broadly share in that prosperity is a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit… [Read more]
Several remedies show promise for Georgia’s health care provider shortage Ellijay’s North Georgia Medical Center closed last week, the state’s latest rural hospital to shutter. /GBPI staff photo. Last week, the North Georgia Medical Center in Ellijay, Georgia closed and left yet another county with a shortage of hospital beds.  In light of this and other recent hospital closures, a… [Read more]

Recent Reports

Georgia Budget Primer 2017

July 19, 2016 Where does the money for Georgia’s $23.7 billion budget come from this year? How has the new transportation funding package affected state revenue? Is Georgia finally funding K-12 education at the level called for in its own formula? GBPI’s “Georgia Budget Primer 2017” answers these questions and many more in… [Read more]

Help Needed to Meet Georgia’s Laudable Child Care Goals

July 14, 2016 Georgia’s plan to expand access to quality child care for families earning low incomes became effective this June, but the state budget that takes effect this month is $103 million short of what’s needed to implement the plan. A proposal approved by federal regulators includes increased income eligibility limits, lowered… [Read more]

Prescribing Remedies for Georgia’s Medical Provider Shortage

June 16, 2016 Local access to health professionals varies widely across Georgia, from relative availability in populous Fulton County to the daunting challenge found in many rural communities. State trends mask the nuanced differences among Georgia’s regions. Evidence indicates nearly two-thirds of Georgia’s counties fall below the statewide average number for each professional… [Read more]

Lawmakers Reject Major Tax Cuts, OK Modest Tax Breaks

May 6, 2016 Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2016 Legislative Session Recap Gov. Nathan Deal just signed into law several pieces of tax legislation state lawmakers passed in the 2016 session that will affect state revenue to varying degrees for years. One of the bills is a housekeeping measure Georgia must pass each… [Read more]

Tax Credit for Contributions to Rural Hospitals: Updated Bill Analysis

March 10, 2016 The Georgia House of Representatives has passed a $100 million tax credit program for individual and corporate donations to hospitals in rural or nearly-rural Georgia communities. House Bill 919 is designed to create private investment incentives for rural hospitals to help shore up their finances. The flawed legislation contains very… [Read more]

Adding Up 2016: Tax Breaks, Income Tax Cuts Could Harm Georgia Finances

March 9, 2016 A variety of tax bills await further consideration by state legislators as the Georgia General Assembly enters its final few weeks of the 2016 session. There are 11 tax bills affecting state revenues still alive after Crossover Day, the point where bills must clear at least one legislative chamber to… [Read more]