Overview: 2015 Fiscal Year Budget for K-12 Education

Budget Cuts for K-12 Shrink, but Still Loom Large
The $7.95 billion budget proposal for public education in the state’s 2015 fiscal year makes a down payment to eliminate the austerity cut in state funding for schools. Most districts should be able to restore the school calendar to the 180-day… [Read more]

Cutting Class to Make Ends Meet

Georgia’s public schools are at a tipping point. School districts are coping with state funding cuts in recent years by shrinking the school calendar, increasing class sizes and furloughing teachers. A new survey of school districts by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) finds school systems throughout the state… [Read more]

Tax Shift Plans Threaten Georgia’s Future

Proposals Would Hurt Families, Businesses, Communities and the Economy
Currently in vogue in several states, plans to drastically cut or abolish state income taxes and replace them with higher sales taxes are under discussion in Georgia. But these proposals would raise taxes on most Georgia families, harm businesses and communities… [Read more]

Overview of Georgia’s 2015 Fiscal Year Budget

The $20.8 billion budget proposed for Georgia’s 2015 fiscal year projects general fund revenue growth of 4.3 percent, or $807 million more than the recently revised 2014 revenue estimate.  State revenues are back to pre-recession levels, but the proposed budget still incorporates in its base several billion dollars in program… [Read more]

Recent Reports

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: 2014 Session Recap

April 11, 2014

Tax Measures Further Whittle Away Revenues
A collection of tax measures that could drain up to $286 million from Georgia’s state treasury and $207 million from its local governments over the next five years gained the approval of the General Assembly this year. Although not as large as some past… [Read more]

Adding Up the Fiscal Notes: Crossover Day 2014

March 12, 2014

Grab-bag of Tax Measures on the Table
A slew of bills with revenue implications for Georgia’s state and local governments are in the hands of state senators, after House members passed them before Crossover Day, March 3, 2014. The House passed nine relevant tax bills before the day when legislation… [Read more]

Medicaid Expansion Could Cover at Least Half of Working Age Adults in Most Georgia Counties

February 21, 2014

If you are an uninsured person who lives in Bibb County and earns less than $16,100, or are in a family of that makes less than
$27,300 a year, you and about 52 percent of county residents like you could be eligible for Medicaid under new expansion
guidelines. That’s if… [Read more]

Sales Tax Flexibility Not Enough to Solve Georgia’s School Funding Crisis

February 19, 2014

Bill Analysis: House Resolution 1109 and House Bill 802
The General Assembly is considering putting a constitutional amendment to a statewide vote to give school districts greater flexibility to spend sales tax money. Districts continue to struggle financially due to ongoing cuts in state funding, including an austerity cut of… [Read more]

Adding Up the Net Cost of Medicaid Expansion – $353 Million for 10 Years

February 18, 2014

If Georgia expands Medicaid today, more than $33 billion of new federal funding will flow to the state over the next 10 years, which would generate about $1.8 billion in new state revenue during the decade, according to forecasts from Gov. Nathan Deal’s office and a recent Georgia State University… [Read more]

Tax Resolutions Could Put Georgia Lawmakers in a Bind

February 5, 2014

Bill Analysis: Senate Resolution 415
Georgia legislators are proposing a constitutional amendment that would limit the state’s ability to adequately meet the needs of its people in the future. The proposal, Senate Resolution 415, would call for a referendum to create a permanent income tax cap in the state Constitution.… [Read more]