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More Damage Being Done Under the Gold Dome
Article date: March 22, 2015 | Source: Macon Telegraph
Georgia’s Budget Numbers are What Counts
Article date: March 19, 2015 | Source: WABE
What’s Wrong With Georgia?
Article date: Jan 2, 2015 | Source: The Atlantic
HOPE part of talks on education
Article date: October 24, 2014 | Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
GBPI survey reveals the fragile condition of the state’s public schools
Article date: October 19, 2014 | Source: The Macon Telegraph
Medicaid Expansion Opponents Need to Unveil Alternate Plan
Article date: | Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
New Budget Doesn’t Undo Education Austerity Cuts
Article date: April 28, 2014 | Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A clash of views — and numbers — on expansion
Article date: February 19, 2014 | Source: Georgia Health News
SWEENEY: Roadblock to Medicaid expansion a threat to Middle Georgia
Article date: February 23, 2014 | Source: The Macon Telegraph
Revenues rise, but Georgia’s policies remain stuck in recession mode
Article date: February 3, 2014 | Source: The Saporta Report