State of Working Georgia uses data on wages, jobs, unemployment and poverty to closely examine the effect of the economy on everyday Georgians. The report is produced annually, and is part of the State of Working America project from the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute.

This year’s State of Working Georgia focuses on the impact of the Great Recession and so-called recovery such as extreme job loss and high unemployment, as well as more persistent problems like stagnant wages and rising inequality. According to the report, Georgia has lost a greater number of jobs than all but two other states since the recession started in December 2007, and unlike the vast majority of states, has continued losing jobs at an alarming pace. Georgia’s unemployment rate has nearly doubled from 5.2 to 10.3 percent; September 2011 marked the 50th consecutive month that Georgia’s rate outpaced the national average.

State of Working Georgia 2011 takes a deeper look at some of these numbers, exploring how different industries and demographic groups have fared. It also provides a comprehensive discussion on the data’s policy implications, including recommendations for short- and long-term action. Download the PDF. 


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