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Georgia Budget and Policy Institute Privacy Policy

The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute recognizes that privacy is important. The information on this page provides details about the types of personal information we receive and collect when you “opt-in” to receive information, as well as some of the

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Opinion: Waivers Should Extend Coverage, Improve Cost

The Patients First Act (SB 106) could significantly change health care in Georgia, but questions remain. Medicaid expansion has proven successful and the Section 1115 waiver can increase Medicaid income eligibility up to the poverty line, but state leaders are

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Closer Look: PROSPER Georgia

A group of workforce advocates have come together to form a new organization dedicated to building an “inclusive economy,” and it’s called PROSPER Georgia. GBPI’s Alex Camaradelle joined Closer Look with Rose Scott to explain this new initiative. Listen to

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School bus drivers: This job shouldn’t be a dead end

Georgia has been shifting more of the cost of student transportation, including bus driver health insurance, to school districts, many of which are still suffering from the recession. GBPI’s Stephen Owens offered his thoughts on how the state should reconsider

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Medicaid waiver proposal clears Georgia House panel

  Legislation authorizing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue a Medicaid waiver was recently approved by a state House panel, potentially giving Georgia more flexibility to use federal funding but also capping who’s covered by an expansion. GBPI’s Laura Harker said

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