Tracking Our Priorities in Georgia Legislature

Steps for a Georgia Bill to Become Georgia Law

Where Are We In the Legislative Session?

As of August 8, 2023 (this page’s last update), we have just completed the 2023 Legislative Session. This session has ended with several bills passed and policy priorities addressed. To learn more about the bills that passed and failed, as well as the key policy areas focused on this year, check out our Sine Die blog and 2023 policy priorities page.

This tracker was last updated on August 8, 2023 at 9:30am.

Bills We Are Watching

We are watching several bills that would either improve the ability for all Georgians to thrive, hinder equity or prosperity or change the revenues that make investments in our people possible. You can learn more about how we define our priorities here.
You can make change by encouraging your lawmakers to approve or disapprove of any measures by writing them. Find your lawmakers here. You can find the contact information for your Senator here and your Representative here.
This tracker was last updated March 30, 2023 at 9:00am.

Promote State Government Transparency

Without data and state adherence to established statutes and rules for sharing information related to government activities, Georgians cannot hold elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions, and the ability of our state’s people to meaningfully participate in the legislative process is compromised.  

Fund State Government Equitably and Responsibly

Analyze state budget proposals to ensure the result is fair and sufficiently appropriates funding for critical services and programs like health and education. 

Advance fiscally responsible tax reform proposals that strengthen state revenue, protect existing revenue streams and support working families.

Ensure a Foundation for Families’ Economic Security

Enact policies like paid family medical leave and protect Georgia’s safety net programs from budget cuts and legislative proposals that threaten an equitable economic recovery.

Build Healthy Communities

Increase access to affordable health care by removing the 5-year waiting period, fully expanding Medicaid, improving transitions to other forms of coverage, addressing behavioral health staffing shortages and establishing accountability and community-led decision-making for opioid settlement funding.

Ensure Equitable Education

Creating and funding an Opportunity Weight to provide additional money to educate students living in poverty, shining a light on efforts to divert state dollars away from public schools and increasing state investment in pupil transportation through formula increases.

Strengthen Supports for Workers

Lower financial barriers to college success, remove barriers to short-term training opportunities and increase the state minimum wage to meet a livable standard of pay.

Empower Immigrant Communities

Support tuition equity legislation, expand driver’s licenses, expand language access, and ensure state policies are inclusive of the immigrant community.

Create a Fairer Criminal Legal System

Increase safeguards against unpayable fines and fees to protect Georgians experiencing poverty from being punished or criminalized due to lack of economic resources. 

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