Tracking Our Priorities in Georgia Legislature

Steps for a Georgia Bill to Become Georgia Law

Where Are We In the Legislative Session?

As of April 6, 2022 (this page’s last update), this Sine Die was marked the end two-year Legislative Session, which means that policy proposals that did not pass must be re-introduced for consideration in 2023. Learn more about which bills moved in our blog post

Bills We Are Watching

We are watching several bills that would either improve the ability for all Georgians to thrive, hinder equity or prosperity or change the revenues that make investments in our people possible. You can learn more about how we define our priorities here.
You can make change by encouraging your lawmakers to approve or disapprove of any measures by writing them. Find your lawmakers here. You can find the contact information for your Senator here and your Representative here.
This tracker was last updated April 6, 2022 at 3:00pm. 


Right now, Georgia’s tax code is out of balance. The state hands out $10 billion per year to special interests while underfunding the programs and services Georgians need. Utilizing commonsense policies like lifting the tobacco tax to the national average and rolling back inefficient tax credits are simple ways we can rebalance the tax code and pay for our priorities.

Defending against inefficient tax code reduces loss of revenue and helps keeps our current support systems and programs safe. The bills we are opposing would be detrimental to our revenue and put our current programs at risk.

Enacting a Georgia Work Credit

A Georgia Work Credit could deliver substantial relief to Georgians. It reduces the amount of taxes low- to middle-income Georgians owe, resulting in up to $500 of support. This could help families pay medical bills, catch up on rent or save for job advancement opportunities. 

Support for Families in Poverty

For families to thrive, they need support systems to help them make ends meet when they are making low wages, busy with caretaking or are otherwise unable to keep food on the table without support. By lifting these families up we create more equity, better outcomes for their children, our schools and our local economies.

Health Care Access and Affordability

By increasing access to health care, more individuals are able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Educated Youth

By giving all of Georgia’s children a chance at an equitable, quality education we are giving all of Georgia’s children a chance to thrive. When we create inequities in education, the effects of these inequities will cause ripple effects across lives, families and generations. 

Access to Scholarships and Affordable Higher Education

Georgia currently has not funded a need-based aid scholarship. Restrictions on HOPE scholarships and in-state tuition have paved the way for inequity as they dictate who does or does not have a college degree within reach.

Empowering Workers

These bills would improve equity for all workers and give workers tools they need to thrive.

Criminal Legal Systems

A fair criminal legal system supports rehabilitation and restorative opportunities for individuals within this system, so that they can move forward and build happy, fulfilling lives.

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