Day: July 9, 2013

Georgia Budget Primer 2014

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) is pleased to present its Georgia Budget Primer 2014, a guide to understanding the state’s revenue collections and its spending plan. The publication contains basics to help a novice digest the budget’s complexities.

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GBPI 2014 Primer: Human Services

Georgia’s spending to help children, the poor and seniors is overseen by the state Department of Human Services, which has a 2014 budget of $486 million, or about 3 percent of the total. Budget cuts in recent years have strained

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GBPI 2014 Primer: Health Care

Georgia is budgeting about $4 billion for health care in 2014, the second largest category of state investment. More than half of that is for Medicaid and PeachCare. People enrolled in the Aged, Blind, Disabled Medicaid program account for the

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GBPI 2014 Primer: Education

The $9.7 billion Georgia is investing in education in 2014 accounts for more than half of all state expenses. Still, Georgia’s investment in education is falling, even as its expectations of what they will accomplish are rising. The education section

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