Day: January 23, 2018

Fast facts on Georgia’s coverage gap

Updated Jan 17, 2019 Georgia’s Health Coverage Gap State lawmakers can put an insurance card in the pockets of 473,000 Georgians by bringing home money from the federal government to pay for coverage. About 240,000 Georgians make too little to get

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People-Powered Prosperity: Endnotes and Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements The Georgia Budget & Policy Institute thanks the many national organizations whose guidance, support and data were instrumental in crafting and strengthening this report, including the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Economic Policy Institute, Institute on Taxation &

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People-Powered Prosperity: Thriving Families

When parents have money in their pockets to make ends meet and to save or invest in their families’ future, the overall economy gains. Policies such as stronger child care assistance and targeted tax breaks for families can help parents

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People-Powered Prosperity: Skilled Workers

Companies and entrepreneurs thrive when they can find workers with a rich set of skills. Support for higher education, training services and basic literacy that offer lifelong learning opportunities for people are among the policies that can help Georgia fill

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People-Powered Prosperity: Educated Youth

For Georgia to grow a strong workforce and economy, the state needs a rock-solid foundation. That starts with relentless investment in early education and K-12 public schools. A workforce able to compete in the 21st century needs a constant supply

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