Georgia Can't Afford Another Lost Decade


Our state has options. Instead of further disinvesting in programs that improve health and economic outcomes for Georgians, lawmakers should approve commonsense policy options to raise revenue and soften the impact of COVID-19, soaring unemployment levels and an ongoing public health crisis that affects every Georgian.

Read more about how Georgia can avert budget cuts and raise revenue to close budget shortfalls.

What do Budget Cuts Affect?

How Can Georgia Raise Revenue?

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Georgia’s state leaders must tap into bipartisan, common-sense proposals to increase revenue. Lifting Georgia’s tobacco tax to the national average could raise $600 million in revenue per year. #gapol

Georgia already spends less per resident than it did before the last recession. Lawmakers must make an effort to immediately raise revenue, as budget cuts will accelerate a massive economic downturn that harms Georgians in every community. #gapol 

Painful budget cuts are not the only option available for Georgia. Lawmakers can tap into these proposals to immediately increase revenue while not affecting the amount of taxes paid by the vast majority of families. #gapol

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Legislators need to hear from their constituents to know that they want more revenue raised - not further disinvestment.

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